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I stole this from Robin, who stole it from Blake, who stole it from Danielle, who originally thought of this as far as we all know.

I feel like 2013 brought a lot of new bloggers — most of which only started blogging for “easy money” — and with these bloggers, new trends and other crap was brought into our world. Yes, I said crap. You got a problem with that? o.-

Uh, I’m probably gonna offend someone.

  • Blog hops. In the old days, blog hopping referred to actual blog hopping, where you went to a blog, commented, then browsed their blogroll and/or their commenters and did the same thing on whichever link you clicked. Nowadays, you just add your link to a thing and call it a day. Man! You must be exhausted!
  • Linkups. How are these any different from your blog hops? Sure, there are some legitimate ones, but for the most part, these are just an excuse to gather traffic on your site from people who want to just link their site and leave. That’s all they really care about. They most likely don’t care about you, me or anyone else who linked themselves on your linkup.
  • Easy money idea & advertising. It gets to be really annoying when I see my AdBlock showing that I have 25 blocked ads. By default, I block ads. You kinda have to earn your way into my non-sleazy pile for me to unblock you. Those on my blogroll have passed, and then others. But just know it gets annoying when I find that they’re causing the site to load slowly. Got ads at the bottom on your sidebar? No one’s gonna see those, sweetie. The footer is seen more often, I think.
  • Cluttered sidebars. Kinda goes with the previous one; I just feel like people are trying to use their sidebars to tell me their life story or something. It reminds me of one of the lame homeschool playdates I had to go on.
  • Comments. I feel like so many of the people who fit this entire list encourage others to comment but don’t ever actually comment back unless it’s a reply on their blog saying, “Thanks!”, “Thanks for stopping by!” or something along those lines. I know I’m not perfect, but at least I try. And I do eventually. Sometimes it just takes a month. (With it being the holidays, I aim to catch up by January.)

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I agree with what you have mentioned! I personally hate blog hoppers and those comments that are “come and visit me… blah, blah, blah”. It’s so common these days on blogs, on youtube, the list just goes on. I just find it really rude and disrespectful for the blog owner who owns the website. I mean, we all worked hard to get to where we are now.. yet these people just want to reach to the top without spending effort.. sigh. I personally use an adblocker addon and I don’t deal with ads at all. (:

I completely agree with this post. I mean those paid blogs are completely stupid. If that is all you are going to do while blogging then you need to NOT blog, please. Waste of people’s time to read paid blogs. No one ends up commenting either.

I can say I ask like that for links sometimes. Guilty as charged. But I
learned so I definitely don’t do that anymore.

I’ve always returned comments though. Maybe not in a timely manner but I’ve always returned them with more than a “Thanks!” On my blog. I can’t stand people who don’t return comments. I end up forgetting on who’s blogs I have commented on so I end up forgetting to read replies. Lol

The worst for me is when people don’t even bother to read my blog while commenting and post a random ass comment that should have either been tweeted or e-mailed to me instead. OR when people reply to my comment on their blog and never post a comment on my blog. I feel like they couldn’t care less about what I have to say and are just selfish. Ticks me off.

Not all blogs interest everyone. It’s not that it’s selfish or anything; it’s just that your blog doesn’t necessarily interest everyone you comment, and the same goes for my blog.

For example, I often don’t comment your blog because the entries always seem too much alike. Currently, you have two posts that are about the same topic and kind of just… the same. I don’t always know what to say.

I didn’t quite mean the no-return commenters; I meant the people who think “replying to every comment” means replying to each comment on their own blog, not on the visitor’s blog.

Yeah, I’ve been kind of obsessing over my phone recently. I am guessing it is because I’ve got nothing else to obsess over…
I just can’t decide WHICH ONE. flkjaslfkdja /hides in a corner thinking about her obession/
ANYWAY, I don’t blame you for not commenting…I’m just talking about when I actually blog about something interesting and when it is only blogged once. Lol

Wait, I just re-read this….A lot of my entries are the same? Can you explain? Possibly can we move this to email? I’m not upset or anything but I don’t know if I want this for the world to see.

Yeah, I understand what you meant about the “no-return commenters”…I guess I went off on a rant there….Lol

Oh man, been there, done that. Well, except for the ads part. Guilty as charged…when I was younger. I was one of those naive little ones who went around asked if they wanted to link up without even making the effort to comment and earn my way. I learned my lessons the hard way from folks simply ignoring my request or kindly declining. That was me long time ago.

Then I decided to do the right thing and actually read, digest what others post, and actually engage in a conversation via comments. Needless to say, things actually developed better that way. Bloglovin’ helped a lot too. 🙂 Now I feel better on the inside and about my blog because everything’s flowing more naturally.

Ah, I did that, too. xD I’m talking about things like this.

You’re definitely right about the blog hops and linkups! And it can be so hard to keep up with comments, but I try to do it when I can. Sometimes I find myself spending an hour on it, because I’d rather read and comment something meaningful than comment just to say I did.

In this economy, you’re going to see people doing everything for money, and blogging is going to be included in that. But yeah, still annoying.

I expertly avoid blog hopping and linkups for that particular reason. Sure, every time I receive a comment on my own little blog I feel honoured because someone was interested enough in whatever I wrote to leave a comment on it, but I really don’t see the point in joining these blog hops just to UP your visitors amount and receive/give out these meaningless three-word comments that usually have jackshit to do with whatever the blog topic was about and really only serve to get your own name out there.

As far as sidebars are concerned, I’m pretty much on the same page as you are. Links towards recent posts (not a list of a dozen “popular posts”) can be useful because some people who visit a blog might be interested in blog post 2 and 3, but not necessarily in blog post 1.
At the same time, scrolling down a little ways, or clicking “older entries” at the bottom of a page isn’t exactly much of an effort either.
I’ve been considering getting rid of my sidebar too because aside from the “follow” links and the blogroll I have in there, there’s not a whole lot that I need visible rightaway. That, and I like the idea of my layout focusing solely on the blog element.

P.S. I don’t think I mentioned that I think that Georgie did an exceptional job on your theme, did I? It’s gorgeous!

I agree with you about how new bloggers these days are in it for the money… Whatever the money is. I don’t think people these days would click an ad for the site owner to get what…? 10 cents?

These types of “bloggers” are annoying. Especially the ones who think they can get away with commenting “just visiting” or any of that useless stuff on people’s tagbox. As for actual comments, it looks as if they don’t even give effort.

Cluttered sidebars are mostly popular in the high school level. Even I can vouch for that, aha.

For sure, you hit the spot!

I feel like those of us who have been around since before 2012/2011 have already gone through all that these new bloggers are going through. Like, because we were part of the MySpace era, we’ve already experienced a lot of the stuff going around in the blogosphere today.

…it’s still annoying nevertheless.

I think blog hop now is visiting blogs, reading the first sentence of the latest post, and leaving a three-word comment just to get your own link out there. I think it’s only acceptable to do that for blog buddies as a joke.

Right now I’m pro-nosidebar, no intro. If people were that interested I’d think they would stop by your About page. But imagine a long sidebar with an intro, lists, Twitter feeds, ads, and then one short post on the front page. Harhaahaha.

Haha, indeed. xD Or maybe long-term blog buddies.

I think I like just having footer widgets. I don’t have to figure out what to fill my sidebar with, and I also don’t have to look the side. It feels cleaner. 🙂

…well you provoked thought that is for sure!

What the hell are blog hops?! I mean, I’ve done the old-school style where you literally went to individual blogs, commented, and then followed the link trail to other interesting blogs. Just did a quick Google and apparently it’s now a thing to add your blog to lists so people can go and leave meaningless comments…?

Reminds me of comment clubs from Poupeegirl – you get in-game money for each comment you make on people’s closet items, so there would literally be Livejournal clubs where people left their closet links and everyone else in the group would comment things like “Wow, so pretty!” “So cool!” “I love it!” just for the sake of getting more in-game money. Ruins the purpose of the game, and I feel like these new “blog hops” are the same.

I miss the “old days” of blogging (2005-era or so) when most of us probably made our starts. Blogging was a lot more personal back then, and I think the friendships made there were also a lot stronger :/

I’ve stumbled across a couple of link-ups that actually had good writing topics, and the links were nice for seeing what other bloggers had written for said topic. But now, most of them are shallow : “These are the shoes I want to buy!!!”

Blog hops lead to those quick self-promo comments “Found you from the __ Hop! Love your blog!”. In other words, they did not read a word of your post. They are going to everyone’s blog and pasting the same copied comment, hoping you will click their name and visit their blog.

It makes me so sad when a sidebar is so much longer than someone’s content, and it’s riddled with ads and so many unnecessary links to old posts, popular posts, categories, etc. 🙁

The blog-hopping thing is getting old, as are the comments. While it was seen as common courtesy to respond by visiting someone’s blog, there is always a problem that you may not even like the content on that person’s blog, or there is nothing to write in a comment. I think you get the most out of commenting on posts where you feel like you can get something out of it, like sharing a story or maybe interacting with the person through further discussion. It’s a bit sad that people still see it as some fair trade crap – but then again, I believe that is how most of us started out. ;P

I totally agree about the blog hops!! They are quite useless these days, since nobody visits the other blogs on the list anyway. Well, maybe they do, but what’s the point if they only visit because they “have to” according to the rules of the blog hop, and then never come back again?
One trend you didn’t mention (but it may fall under the “easy money” category) but that I’ve noticed during 2013, is the extreme amount of fashion and beauty blogs that just pop up everywhere, it’s like everyone who starts a blog now do it to just post some photos of their clothes and their nail polish and nothing else. I’m so bored with that…
And the ads… gaah. I also block all of them.