The Problem with Social Media

Ever so often I’ll come across a blog post on someone’s blog/a blogging network that has to deal with social media getting in the way of relationships. I stopped commenting to input my two cents in after one too many people decided that I was wrong for finding it a tad bit (understatement there) creepy that someone would go search for someone on Facebook after meeting them, try to add them, and then get all butthurt because said person would a) ignore said friend request, b) deny said friend request or c) block the person who looked them up.

People then get into the argument that if you have a Facebook, you’re putting your information out there, therefore anyone and everyone has this so-called “right”, as they explained to me, to view whatever the hell is on your Facebook. Therefore, by you declining their friend request, you’re clearly hiding something from them.

There’s also this big deal about Facebook supposedly “saving” someone’s time on this one dude who was cheating on his girlfriend, and she’d found out through Facebook.

I understand the need to know who you’re dating and what you’re getting yourself into, but depending on a social network is way out of line for me. Some people also take it very seriously and make major decisions like whether a guy/gal is someone they could see themselves marrying solely based on what is on a person’s Facebook page. That’s like someone reading my blog posts and deciding that we could get married and it work out merely because they read my blogs and therefore think and believe they know my life story.

This isn’t my full list, but it’ll do.

A lot of people don’t know what they’re sharing.

If you allow Twitter/Facebook to track your location, I hope you don’t think you’ve shared only the city, state and country with that post. You’ve just shared the exact location. I know your address and longitudes and latitudes. I can see your house! You might also want to be careful with this, as there is a website (which I cannot find right now) that displays tweets of yours, especially those of yours that share your location. The website is meant to be a warning to those sharing things online. The website shares all kinds of tweets from how a person put weed into some brownies that he took to work for the company party to how some chick falsely accused her teacher of doing inappropriate things and supposedly got away with it.

Anyone can post anything about you, and you may never know they even did it.

I wouldn’t doubt someone’s posted things of me without my consent. Actually, someone did here recently, and I contacted YouTube to remove it. Although I was not in the video, I saw no point in my name being associated with the video. So I contacted them and reported it for being an invasion of my privacy after I tried to nicely contact the man who posted it onto his account who will no longer have control of me ever again.

However, I found out a few weeks ago that some website posts “mirrors” of hacked sites. If you’ve ever been hacked, search your domain and add “hacked” onto it in the search bar, look through some pages, and see if you can find a main link that looks iffy. That’s what I did for Seek Liza. You can’t always ask people to take it down, because it doesn’t always work. It’s like on Twitter – on my timeline, people often do something like @/thejanelively[1. Never seen my username; I’m just using an example.] so they can still somewhat get their point across without the other person being notified. You might never know, and Twitter doesn’t give you the option to report tweets.

A lot of people take it too seriously.

I don’t know if it’s the need to get more friends/followers/likes/etc., but it’s all a bit pointless. I once had a 100k+ Myspace account, but I gave it away to some random person. I was bored, and I just wanted to start over. I only got to about 5k or 6k on my next one, but I didn’t even really care. I never paid money for it, though. Did you know people pay money for Twitter followers and Facebook friends??!! That’s illegal[2. In the terms of Twitter. On Facebook, you’re supposedly only supposed to add people you know… This is for another blog and another time.], by the way. However, Myspace only stayed popular for a few years. A lot of people are coming to Twitter from Facebook. I’m waiting for someone finally make something more brill than Facebook and it get more popular and more liked and loved and whatnot.

Another problem is that people take relationships too seriously in social media, as if it’s this thing that is super important – and if you don’t accept said relationship, you deserve to be punished.

It just makes people feel like they have the right to know what you meant by what you posted. If you’re single, everyone’s usually sorry and/or trolling that share. Because you can’t choose to not share it.

Taking social media seriously and getting butthurt over not being able to see someone’s stuff is a tad crazy, and I know crazy. I grew up around crazy. It’s as crazy and ridiculous as some woman going nuts over her cell phone company exposing her affair.


Now, just downright talking smack about someone? That makes you an ass. Don’t be a donkey. They’re worth barely anything at the sale barn, and they are typically only sweet when you give them what they want.

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Dude… Facebook is what you make of it. Not everyone uses Facebook so openly. I actually think that the best social media culture out there right now is that of Google+: “friending” is one-way, like on Twitter, and people tend to write detailed posts about things that they’re interested in without getting too personal. And the best part is that very few people list their relationship status. I am tempted to punch someone in the face every time I hear “It’s not official if it’s not on Facebook!”

Perhaps ditching Facebook altogether is the right way to go for now. I feel sorry for Facebook though, because most of the reason that they are horrible is not really because their product sucks, but because it’s used in an annoying fashion.

People pay for Facebook friends and Twitter followers? That’s insane! What do they get out of that? Do they think they’re more popular? If you have the highest number of friends/followers when you die, you win something?
This whole thing has gone crazy and it’s definitely all over the blogosphere as well.. it’s insane. People have forgotten what blogs and social media were created for. Keeping in touch. Sharing. That’s it.