Putting my time where my happy is

A month ago, Manda posted one of her link love posts[1. I love these because I find new blogs to read!] like usual, and in it was a link to a post about putting your money where your happy is. This post gave me a new look on some of the things I do. Unfortunately I have to continue to go four days a week to see my allergist for my allergy shots until June, but the time that I spend at home is being spent the way I want to spend it (to an extent).

I’m on the TCG forums less, because they caused me a lot of stress and were a bit difficult to constantly keep up with. Yesterday I put Capture on hiatus, because I just don’t have the motivation to do something that is currently stressing me out. It’s probably going to be static until July or so.

I’m going to start focusing more on my blog again, because that makes me happy. I’m also playing with CSS again like I used to, spending hours and hours at a time to make something that I love. I finally got around to customizing my Dunked profile since they recently launched to something that I can at least live with, only to realize the background was still white blinding. In doing so, I made a CSS3 triangle, but as the window was made shorter and whatnot, the triangle didn’t change in size. I spent 15 minutes making a triangle in PSP9 and making it transparent. I then had the epiphany that I have given myself a logo that I add to my websites as a mere signature without even realizing it, thus doing what I once said I would never do: brand myself.

In case you didn’t see on Twitter, I now have 9 domains. Two of them are for Hope Fades and Abuse Aloud, so I like to personally think that they aren’t really a part of my official domain count. Sometimes I wonder if Hope Fades is actually worth keeping when I look at that list, though. Isn’t it? It’s just some simple website with a simple layout featuring a random positive phrase via a simple PHP rotation, yet I put it up on a pedestal as if it’s this grand thing and couldn’t get anymore special.

I bought allergicliza.me. It’s not my first choice, and I don’t love-love it, but it fits, right? I wanted a-free.me, for allergy-free me, but the dash bugged me. Allergicliza.me is long in size. Mel suggested it, and Hiro mentioned something about it being kind of like Godzilla, and I like little dinosaur illustrations, so I figured that once Mel’s done with my chibi self that I could request a dinosaur illustration of some sort that could be used to represent the domain.

I did have some help with suggestions, though. I hope to learn to love it. I mean, three years later from registering 6birds I learned to love it, right? It’s possible.

Foodallergy.pw is also mine. It was available, cheap, and perhaps the .PW TLD will benefit me later on.

And last but not least, while I will be designing the layout for my upcoming blog, I won’t be designing the one for 6birds. :p I think I have a cute idea for that. :p The first entry on the new theme (whenever THAT happens) will explain why I will no longer be designing my blog’s themes.

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Okay first off, I think this is a really good idea. Channel your time and put it where you are most happy. Don’t waste your time on things that stress you out or make you upset. In the end, they won’t help you much, you know? Keep your focus on what makes you happy.

I wish you the best of luck with your websites! I sometimes don’t even have time to work on my one blog let alone manage 9 websites! You must be very organized and have a lot of time! 🙂

Putting your time where your happy is is a really good thing to do. Right now for me it will be photoshop. Always makes me happy, always …

It is very possible to learn to love it, I think you will in your own time 🙂

I think that more of us need to spend time and money on the things that make us truly happy. Sadly, I am still trying to discover what makes me happiest. 🙂 I cannot wait to see what you have planned with the upcoming blog and its design.


I loved your My Dunked Profile. It’s so cool to scroll over the pictures and watch them become sharp and clear.

Please don’t get rid of Hope Fades. I love it and the quote was perfect for me today. I found the “refresh” button confusing because I thought it would another quote, but I was happy with the one I got. I also liked Abuse Aloud. I wondered about comments, but I suppose that could be quite a challenge.

All in all, you’re amazingly talented with computer designs and ideas. I love visiting here and seeing what new ideas you’ve come up with:~)

@Sara, Hope Fades’ quotes change every hour. 😉

I really like this post. It’s all about internet activities! I’ve really missed that. Right now I’m finally on holiday and can code again. I’m trying to learn HTML5 and CSS3 this summer because I’m so behind.

I have six domains, including stopabuseofac.org which I do count, haha. I don’t think nine domains is a lot if you are going to use them all for something significant. I wanted the .pw extension for my portfolio, but I only recently renewed my .com. Oh well, people are probably more familiar with it anyway. But I swear I want new extensions next time I buy a domain.

Lastly, I saw your tweet about idiots asking for your layout. I had that same problem once, the first time I made my own beautiful layout. People tried to ask if they can have it, etc. I clearly remember I said first that I made my own layout. Yup, what a lovely memory.