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I’m not sure if I have answered these questions on 6birds yet or not, but I’m going to answer them on here either way. πŸ™‚ Ages ago I told Stephanie I was stealing her meme, and I finally have.

How often do you try to blog and how often do you actually blog?

I schedule posts every once in a Β while. I also save drafts for later/when I feel like updating but don’t exactly have something to blog about. It’s rather difficult finding a meme I haven’t already done yet as well. Lately I have been trying to blog at least every three days, and so far I have been blogging at least every two days.

Do you have a stat tracker on your site? Which one? What does it track?

Over on 6birds I use plugins Count Per Day and [I think it’s called] UserOnline. It’s not necessarily to track hits as much as it is to track who’s coming to my website. On Seek Liza I don’t have a tracker. I have my blogs set up through FeedBurner, but the number of subscribers doesn’t matter to me so I don’t really pay attention to it.

How often do you change the layout of your site and how important is a good layout to you?

I used to change my layouts practically all of the time, but I don’t anymore. In fact, I hardly ever change them anymore. I haven’t changed this one for a long while, and I probably won’t change it until autumn arrives. I like it; it’s definitely better than pink. Blue isn’t my favorite color; I just think it’s pretty – just like I think purple, orange, red (raspberry red) and grey are pretty colors as well. I don’t really have a favorite color, but I do really enjoy green. I think that if I would have chosen green that I would have grown tired of it sooner… πŸ˜› Maybe in the future, though. πŸ˜‰

A good layout means a lot to me, and it’s not just the colors. If the layout (format, coloring, organization, everything that is on that page) of the entire website is something that I don’t like (i.e. it’s too busy), I’m out. End of story.

How often to you check your blog for comments?

I disabled the option to have them emailed to me…Β So now I just check my dashboard aΒ lot. Maybe I check it more than I should, I don’t know. But I do check it tons… Maybe more than 10 times a day, multiple times in a three-hour time span? Maybe notΒ that much, but it’s at least once to three times daily.

How did you decide on a proper organization for your posts (categories, tags, etc.)?

I’m still working on figuring that out. However, SL is much more organized than my other blogs (I don’t consider Dehlu to be a “blog”). I have only five categories – Archived (holds private posts), General (was Uncategorized), Health, Life. πŸ˜› As for the tags, I currently have 29, and I haveΒ not made new tags in a while.

I have an archives page that lists out all public posts.

Is your blog secret or open to people you know offline?

It’s open to anyone and everyone. And anyone offline who finds it/has the link can see/read it as well. Even though we’re not on grand terms, my mom and them even read it. I don’t know if they’ve come across this one yet, though… πŸ˜› Don’t really care.

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Comments on this post

Interesting thoughts, especially to a blogging newbie. I also sort out comments at the dashboard (and then delete the emails unread!). As to organisation – the more posts I write, the more I think I really should do something about it!!. J.

Like you, I used to change my layouts so often! I think every two or so weeks I get so tired of the look, haha. But now I cannot be bothered. And eeep! I would have a minor freak-out if someone I knew in real-life read my blog. Like I don’t write anything that I wouldn’t share with them, it would just feel weird, haha.

I think those questions are quite basic and relevant – which is good! It’s refreshing to see questions which are actually about the website rather than ones about the owner. Im getting kinda sick of seeing pointless questionnaires with questions such as ‘What’s your favourite food/drink?’ ‘favourite colour?’ – I think those questions are the questions asked by people who don’t actually read the blog. If they read it, they’d know through your layouts what your favourite colour is and they’d know what your favourite items are through your posts haha. πŸ™‚

πŸ˜› I’m assuming you think blue is my favorite color? I suppose my current theme is misleading, after all. πŸ˜‰

I think I should probably steal this too! This is the part where I create a new post with the title, then save it to drafts. I think I have over 10 drafts. But unlike many people, I actually get to the drafts because I try to blog every three days.

Hmm … I think anything I say now will be my answer to the questions, so whenever I get to answering these questions I’ll link both you and Stephanie. ^/_^

πŸ˜› I save as drafts as well, only I sort of ran out… So I have to figure out something to blog about and write a draft. P: Blah.

I’ve actually never filled out one of these questionnaires. I remember them being a big deal at some point – along with tagging – but I never actually did them.

I don’t think I could blog more than once a week. It’s not even about having time, more I don’t have complete blog thoughts if that makes sense? Ideas for blog topics run through my head all the time, but only few of them can be developed into an actual post because not all of them are that engaging. Sometimes I get the occasional post that I type up, find really witty, then come back the next day and realize it’s not funny at all.

I have gotten lazy with blogging. I used to write a lot, comment a lot, and update everything all the time. I don’t have the same motivation I used to anymore and it’s probably because I’ve found other interests. I need to get back on it because I still LIKE it… just got to squeeze in that time!

OHHH! I love questions for bloggers. It gives me something to blog about when I have nothing to blog about. I like these questions. Usually they are the same old stuff, but these are interesting. No one ever asks the questions that are on everyones mind. πŸ˜›

I used to change my layouts a lot too, like once every 1-3 months, but I guess I don’t have the time nor motivation that I used to. (I’m not even sure how I managed that back then.) Now, sometimes more than a year passes before I finally change it. I also used to check my blog multiple times a day. I realized how obsessive I was about it though, so I enabled the email option.

I’m going to steal this meme too πŸ™‚

You don’t keep track of your traffic? Do you have cpanel, because I’m sure there’s some sort of traffic monitor in there (it might even be installed already). I spend so much time monitoring referrals… because if I see a lot of people are coming to my site from another site, or for a specific reason, I try to “cash in” on it lol

I recently turned on the feature to allow my comments to be emailed to me, and it feels weird to me. I’d much rather check them on my site. I don’t know where I’m going with this… lol other than it bothered me.

“Is your blog secret or open to people you know offline?” … I didn’t even have to read your answer to know your mom was gonna be in it… lol

Haha, I used to, but I don’t really care anymore. I do have cPanel; I just don’t really use the traffic things all that much. I may in the future, but eh… For now, none. …Also, I’m just too lazy to go about setting it all up. What do you mean “cash in”?

I got/sometimes get so many comments that having them all sent to me via email is annoying. πŸ™

Yep… It was either tell her then, or she find out later and it all go down badly. Which either way would have pretty much ended the same, ya know?

I have long forgotten about that questionnaire I wrote, let alone that you were still planning to do it. πŸ˜› My own answers to it have also changed quite a big since then.

But thanks for doing it! I’ve got a new data point! πŸ˜€

Haha, I found it when I was looking through my old blog posts and such… I was making a list of certain posts.