It was thundering earlier tonight. To be honest, I really believed it was going to rain because of how the thunder and wind sounded. I’m one of those people who are more likely to sit in front of the window and watch the rain as it falls to the ground from the clouds in the sky. It’s a soothing feeling. I love the sound and the smell of rain. It’s a calming and relaxing thing for me. During the daytime I enjoy having my window up and listening to the rain more closely. I don’t really like to at night, though – my window screen is a big horrid as far as stability goes.

I saw the Realtor lady who is trying to sell this house at the convenient store I went to today (to pick up my goodies I’ve been craving so badly for[1. Okay, so the Girl Scout cookies were a huge splurge…]). Whether she actually noticed me or not was a completely different story. πŸ˜› Not that I care, really; 1) I’m not that memorable and 2) whether she did doesn’t bother me all that much.

About two or three days ago (my days just run together…), I filled out a Sonic application (online is the only way) for the local Sonic. Well, the manager called today. I forwarded it to voice mail since I didn’t recognize the number. I got curious and typed it into Google, and wahlah! Said Sonic came up in the results, about the third one down (because the others were just reverse phone number look up sites). I listened to voice mail, and the manager didn’t really leave too much. But I’m still going away to G’mama’s house for a while. Everyone is so happy about it happening on that side of the fam. Aunt Charan and my dad said that Grandmama has just been getting the room ready and cleaned out and polished and everything. It’s quite a nice feeling. I can’t really figure out what it is for sure, but I think it’s the feeling of being wanted – a feeling I haven’t really felt much of before.

And you know what? It kind of feels pretty nice.

As for the rain, the night’s not over yet, and the wind is still blowing. β™₯


Also – I told Mimi, and she was all for it. She thinks it’s truly a great idea.

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Mimi thinks it’s a great idea? That’s awesome! Looks like things are going to get better very soon! πŸ˜€

By the way, my mom will always prepare my room and get the house ready for me whenever I go home to visit. She doesn’t have to, and I don’t expect her to, but it’s really nice that she does it anyways – feeling wanted feels great!

Cool :p

And I thought all was understood until she told me that I’ll “be a great help over there and just need to focus on helping them”. Just when I think I’m finally understood, things are taken to it being about them, as if it’s wrong for it to be about me for just once. :L

I wish there was a place I could just SCREAM at without someone asking me what’s wrong or if I’m okay. You’d think the county I’m in would be perfect for that, with all the land all over the place, but it’s not. Ugh.


After living in the countryside and the city, I think that the opposite is true of people. In the city, people don’t bother you as much and just let you do your own thing. In the countryside, there is so much more gossip per person, and people are so much more nosy and suspicious. I think because the city is busier, people don’t have the energy to be nosing into everyone else’s business. Or it could have something to do with the type of people that live in the city. So perhaps the middle of New York would be better for screaming than wherever you live now.

I say let Mimi think what she wants to think, and just focus on yourself while you’re with your other relatives. No need for her to know the truth if she’s just going to be unhelpful and not supportive no matter what you do.

I like the seclusion, though. I only go into town when I absolutely have to, and I feel less paranoid. There’s also more places to hide, but then again if anything happened to me, it’d be easy to hide that, too. P:

I’m trying not to let others’ views get to me as far as that goes. It’s a bit more difficult than I expected though. P:

I love love love rain. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I live in a really hot place. πŸ™ I just love the coldness it brings. I love hearing it when I am not under it. I hate getting wet in the rain though. It leads me to getting sick and sickness sucks. Lol

@Tiara Lynn, I got wet today… It actually felt pretty nice. It was cold and rainy and wet.

I live in Texas, where it’s super hot, too. The hot weather is sometimes okay, I suppose.

I hope you have a good time at your grandma’s – I mean, it sounds like they’re really welcoming you and looking forward to having you for a bit. It sounds like it’ll also be an opportunity for you to relax a little? <3

Rain is the best. It was raining here not long ago and I could hear the cars on the wet road …
Oh, have a ball with your grandmother. It sounds like she’s as excited as you are becoming /love

@Sage, I love the sound of rain. ^^ I live in a more rural community at the moment, though, so I’ve merely the rain hitting the leaves of the trees to listen to and the rain hitting the different parts of the house. :3

Thanks! I’m not exactly going to express much emotion as far as going to her house goes, though, because it always ends up being taken the completely opposite way. P:

One of my best friends spent a few years skating for Sonic, and she really liked it there. Good luck getting the job. Keep us updated. πŸ™‚

That’s not the point of the post. πŸ™

I can’t work right now, so I can’t take it. Especially with me going about 2 to 3 hours away for a while.

EDIT: Also, I applied to some jobs if all else failed. If my dad’s side of the family couldn’t have somehow helped me. Even though I know (and knew) that working would have only made everything worse once again.

There IS care.com, though — a babysitting and such site I am signed up on. I also have a background check via it, so there is a higher chance of me getting a job. I could always just go on there and offer to babysit on a whim. It’d be an easy money maker if I wanted some extra cash considering I charge about $10 an hour for babysitting, or whatever the going rate is for that city (because I do actually babysit as in play with them, etc.).


It was just as much part of the post as rain, but you didn’t snip at people who commented about how much they love rain. How was I to know that you applied for a job you live two to three hours away from? So yeah. Your zine is in the mail. :/

πŸ™ I didn’t mean to snip.

I’m sorry. >.> I’m used to people who comment on my blogs all the time or a lot of time, and who knows why I wouldn’t take the job.

I’m sorry. :L

You really shouldn’t take anything I say horribly/rudely because half the time I do come off as rude, but I really don’t mean to. I can’t help it.