Random things about me


  1. I really like handmade things. I also adore giveaways with handmade items.
  2. The only allergy-free way I can enjoy Sunbutter is by eating it alone. I can also make plain granola bars, or something else, with Sunbutter, but I can’t eat a Sunbutter & jelly sandwich because I’m allergic to bread. And jelly/jam with preservatives.
  3. I don’t really get along with feminists. The main reason is because I believe in human rights, not rights for certain groups of people, and this usually starts an argument (or twenty) about how I should care about [blah blah blah]…
  4. I really miss S.
  5. I suck at replying to snail mail. I still have two different people’s letters on my desk to reply to — two are from Christine.
  6. Zombies actually scare me a lot. I can do ghosts and those vicious-looking beasts on Teen Wolf and Grimm, but I can’t handle zombies. I also can’t handle anything Saw– or Paranormal-related.
  7. I think my new favorite homemade meal is Chicken Cordon Bleu with a side of cheesy cauliflower. Grandmama doesn’t make it often, but I really like it because I’ve always loved the flavor of them, but they taste better homemade than they do when they’re packaged like Hot Pockets.
  8. I love indie films. I feel like they have a more genuine feel to them, as they’re not produced by a huge corporate company.
  9. I use cleansing cloths on my face even though they’re not made for faces. I got them for free from BzzAgent and just had this curiosity feeling to use them on my face[1. I used baby wipes on my face in the past, but they weren’t gentle enough.], so I did. I used them on my face twice that day, and it didn’t burn my face or anything. Instead, it cleared it up. I don’t have acne unless I have something I’m allergic to/something I’m allergic to touches my face, and since that’s constantly an unavoidable occurrence, it’s nice to have something in stores I’m not allergic to. ^^; Neutrogena stopped selling the facial wash I used, so I’ve used only water to not massively breakout. For me, it works better than Clinique, an expensive solution I’ve also tried.[2. This isn’t exactly sponsored anymore considering I’ve bought a package since receiving the freebie, but I felt like mentioning how I found it and how well it works might be able to help someone else who’s allergic to every face wash.]
  10. I really love Once Upon a Time. When it first came out, I felt it was a bit lame. Throughout 2013, I saw previews and whatnot, and I even added it to my list on Netflix, but I didn’t start watching it until now. It puts a huge twist on fairy tales and makes them all know each other and have their plots mixed in with each other.

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Zombie movies can be hilarious when there’s a lot of sarcasm and wit involved. I’d prefer those over Saw or Paranormal Activity movies any day. I saw them both, and found them completely boring and gruesome at the same time. There was no character development as much as character disclosure, which means they merely state the obvious. Of course, there’s the scary/gory stuff that nobody wants to see, so I’m definitely with you on that.

You’re allergic to bread? That would be terrible. Are you allergic to all bread or are there certain kinds that you can eat?

Bread is a general way of putting it. :p Enriched flours and yeast. There is some allergy-free bread, but it’s about $5 a loaf.

A lot of handmade things are awesome! It has that vintage feel since so many things are made with machine these days. I think handmade scrapbooks are better than store-bought scrapbooks where you can just insert a picture and you’re done :3. Hopefully you’re still enjoying eating Sunbutter on its own without all of the addons.

Ahhh, I feel you about not really getting along with feminists. I understand that they have some beliefs that benefits women but there are others that are straight out unfair to men. All genders should be able to enjoy all of the privileges accordingly.

Indie films (and everything else such as wrestling since I kind of keep up with it XD) do have that genuine feel! They do what they do because they like doing it rather than solely for money.

Wipes are so convenient because you can carry it around and it’s disposable after once use. I have one of those cottonelle ones in my bag… I could give it a try seeing how it helps with clearing the face! 😀

Awww! I’m glad my letters made it to you! With the weather here in CT, mail has been strange lately just going from town to town. 🙂 As a feminist, I’d like to also comment on the idea that I don’t believe in women’s rights, but more specifically equality for all genders. 🙂 I’m not one of the radicals, I guess. Also…Sunbutter = love. <3

About the wipes – I believe a lot of products are no different some others; we’ve merely been tricked into thinking that we have to pay for different things. I use bar soap instead of acne face washes and body wash. I shave my legs with soap or conditioner instead of shaving cream. There is also a strong argument that we don’t actually need toothpaste; brushing with water is enough to clean teeth properly.

I’m allergic to bar soap. D; I have shaving cream (’cause I got it free), but I find that some conditioners and body washes do work better. One 16oz. bottle of dark carbonated soda (Pepsi, cola, Dr. Pepper, etc.) cleans gunk from drains.