Randomness on Me

Here are some important things to know about me (keywords are in bold):

  • I don’t have a lot of patience, but I am great at faking it.
  • I get frustrated very easily.
  • If my hair has not been straightened perfectly and to my exact standards, chances are I’m not going to be too happy.
  •  I am easily intimidated, but I cannot be easily manipulated. Try to sell me something – I bet you I’ll have better luck persuading you than the luck you’ll have persuading me. The most you can most likely possibly do is tick me off, so don’t get your hopes up. I am my father’s child. I am quite bright and BEYOND LOGICAL. If – and whenever – possible, I WILL do the research (even if it takes two weeks) to prove you wrong. I will almost always research what you say, and I will even quote legitimate sources (excluding Wikipedia) to back me up on my findings. People don’t really like having debates with me (even opinionated ones).
  • I am big on details. I like to know as many details as possible. I also tend to give as many details as possible.

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