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In an attempt to escape blogging limbo, I spoiled myself and 6birds to a much-needed makeover. In other words, if you’re not on the site itself, you should click through and enjoy the view!

Screenshot of one-column pastel theme
Designed by Georgie; duration of theme: 8 November 2013 — 29 August 2016

(I’m going to be bragging about this, so.)

This style isn’t what I had in mind, but it’s okay because during my brainstorming for something to want, I wasn’t completely sure of what I wanted anyways. Georgie, again, designed a theme for me. The thing about blog themes (to me) is that they’re like clothes for a wardrobe. Ever so often, there comes a time when an outfit needs to be put to rest because it’s been worn so many times. 6birds really needed something new, especially since that blue theme was starting to feel more and more like it was so 2012!

It got to a point where I dreaded blogging and seeing my posts resting upon that dreary, depressing blue theme. I craved changed starting around May, and I was finally able to start it in time for me to have it by now.

This isn’t exactly fitting for the autumn or winter seasons; it’s probably more fitting for the Spring or Summer seasons instead. But it’s okay… I don’t plan on making it snow on 6birds this year. I’ve made it snow during the winter every year up until this one for the “fun” of it, but I’m just not interested in that anymore. It wasn’t really ever a tradition… I think it was actually more annoying to me than it was entertaining, and I could never get the sound figured out to the point that it actually worked.

So, there’s no snow this year, and thus far, I doubt future years will have snow as well.

Other things that were taken away (that you also probably never knew about) are the “freebies”. I moved them to a domain name I purchased for under $5 as an impulse buy[1. Availability, price and lust come into play when it comes to impulsive buys for me…]; the site is powered by a totally remodeled Flight version that was developed into a lightweight CMS simply because of Chyrp’s outdatedness, my distaste for Habari and my desire for something like WordPress but without all the bulk. Oh, and the site hosting all of my freebies and other junk I want to offer to peeps is, which is a domain name I stole from Kya’s domain inspiration list. The first one I took from her list was, a retired domain of mine.

Anyways, now that 6birds has finally been remodeled, I can get to working on other projects. I’m really going to work on simplifying them as much as I can and lightening the load that I have. For example, I decided to end completely, and I’m selling as well. I’m not into cooking enough, and sometimes I find myself wanting to post recipes on 6birds and not on Allergic Liza. Plus, I just don’t want to run yet another blog. It’s too much work and effort that I’d rather put into something else. Basically, I tried it on for size, and the shoe didn’t fit.

(I also got tired of people continuously asking me for medical help and advice.)

Anyway, I gave Georgie the URL for 78Violet’s song and music video “Hothouse”, which I also put into an entry with the same title[2. That entry was originally supposed to be this one, but I accidentally published it too soon, and so it tweeted and went everywhere. I type up entries like these ones beforehand so I know I won’t forget to say anything, especially since I often have the exact way(s) I want to word things when posts like these are on my mind. (And then, of course, I edit them as I see fit.], and I told her basic things I wanted. And I let her loose. :p That’s how this theme came to be, in case you were wondering. And it’s cool, because it actually does remind me of the song and the music video. 🙂

I feel like 6birds has a more approachable vibe to it now! Business is up front (blog posts), and the party is down under (widgets).[3. Innuendo? :O Hehehe.]

I’m also glad I can finally stop digitally drooling.

All in all, this theme really goes against everything I ever said I would have on 6birds again. Going sidebarless kind of terrified me at first, and just going with something so girly like this felt really odd to me, but I still really like it. My intention for 6birds has always been to make it something symbolic in appearance but the problem with that is that symbolism can change constantly. Today, the color grey may just be something I like, but tomorrow the color grey may resemble death to me.

I like this theme. I don’t really need a lengthy reason of why I’ve fallen in love with it; I still don’t for-sure know why I have fallen in love with it. Maybe it’s not a why, but a how instead.

P.S. If you’re easily amused, resize your window. This is also mobile-friendly and all that jazz. It’s themes like these that make me enjoy my smartphone even more.

Also, Georgie deserves a pat on the back for putting up with my emails and questions and whatnot. :p

…and I’m putting the 8th as the date on the evolution page simply because EIGHTS RULE.

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Your theme is really nice. I dig minimalist themes maybe that’s why. And bec. this is one column, I agree that it would also look fine on mobile.

I am also planning to get one for my blog and I will have my friend do it for a couple of bucks. Next stop would be moving to and finally getting a new domain as well. Damn, I miss my old wp days when I still understand cpanel, stp things. ;-|

Column themes also look nice on mobile devices! :p Responsive design is “the practice of designing websites to optimise viewing on a range of screen widths.” — Georgie

Your new design is sooooo pretty! 🙂

this theme looks awesome!! 🙂

Remodeling is like a key to inspiration and there you have it! You’ve got yourself a cute theme for all seasons! I don’t believe in seasonal colors. I can wear black in the summer if I want.

I’ve recently started to dislike Chyrp and Habari because they promise lightweight yet their themeing process is bulky. I’ve switched to Anchor CMS and I’m kinda waiting for Ghost to do something about their setup process. 😛

Ooooh, Ghost has so many lovely themes on Theme Forest. xD

Ah, I don’t really believe in seasonal colors, either. Well, there is the exception of a red and green combo making me feel like punching a wall because it feels too Christmas-y.

Oh, this theme is so pretty and refreshing. Georgie did such an awesome job!

I really adore your new theme, it’s so simple but it’s really nice 🙂

Props to Georgie for a job well done, too 😉

I’m testing the comment reply notifications you guyz. I’m wondering if it sends all comments to people or just their replies.

Okie. Ignore me. :p

test numbero dos

I got a reply email notification from you 🙂

For allll the comments on this post after you or just for replies?

Just for replies from you. I didn’t get the first one (where you replied to my first lengthy comment) though.

Hm. So maybe it doesn’t work reply-sending-wise when I’m mobile. Thanks! 😀

Hehe so cutee.

I always want to start something new, and I’m tring to curve this tendency because I have so many different things going… I need to figure out how to consolidate everything so I don’t have so many loose things that I can’t keep up!

I have a portfolio, but I really need to revamp it, but I also want to get a writing portfolio and a separate “blog” for more “official” things but I don’t know if that’s a good idea and there are so many blogs I should close…! Ahhh!! What a mess.

Share away on recipes here so I can find them… They’re probably healthier for me anyways. XD

I need to figure out a look for my portfolio as well! My original idea can be seen a little here. I love the layout and whatnot, but I have almost too much space to do stuff with. Blah.

I almost made a side blog more the ‘official’ things, but I decided I’m way to lazy to actually go through with it. Good luck!

Oh my god the prettiness #narcissist #baskinginthefame

I am really glad this turned out well and that you liked it. I am pretty sure it would have been a struggle if you didn’t let me be as free as I liked – but then again, it’s your theme and I would have expected that. 😛 I just realised the smilies are a perfect fit as well.

Falling in love (with anything and anyone) is an amazing feeling, and if you don’t have anything to say other than “by golly, how I love this/you!”, then it’s fine not to question it.

I’ve resized this so many times during testing that I have probably seen it at smaller resolutions more than in its proper wonderful glory, so I am just going to enjoy how it looks on my new MacBook. LOL.

It is really nice that you are consolidating projects. I feel that in a way, I am doing the same. I have to admit that is tempting to buy from you but I am already at a wonderful three (sort of two, since my photoblog is soon to be left alone – and I have attachment to those things so I do still hang onto some domains after they have expired) domains… and I really can’t afford to have more “just for the prettiness”!

I think not having a full idea of what I wanted kind helped play a part in it. It doesn’t match my sketches in the idea I imagined, but I’m really okay with that because it turned out much better than what I originally expected to be designed. (which I also didn’t totally know if I really even wanted to begin with). Knowing a designer who can run free with some ideas and perhaps a music video and create something from it without needing complete detail is nice, especially since so many say, “You should know exactly what you want so your designer can design your theme. Don’t go to them with ‘I don’t know’.”

Pretty sure I fell for it because it’s a one-of-a-kind thing. xp

If there are any annoying typos it’s because I’m mobile. :/

Your new theme is adorable! I can’t wait to get mine! Georgie is doing one for me too! 🙂



That’s not what she said.~