Really not happy. Upset, maybe?

Most likely gonna lose lots of readers, receive apologies and/or come across as rude. But you know what? I don’t GJSHGDJFKHGJSKDKFHJK care. I decided to be nice, though, and make this a PG-13 entry.

This is a freaking filler blog.

Don’t comment my entry beneath this.

I’ll close comments on it, yeah. That’ll work.

People offline don’t get it.

I finally gain enough confidence to write about a ‘dream’ I’ve had my entire life.

Maybe it’s my fault; maybe I worded it poorly.

It was misunderstood by most commenters, and I lack the patience to keep reading the rest of the load of comments I’ve received on it.

Don’t worry, not gonna do that again.

Just keep in mind that I hardly ever blog about everything, and I typically just summarize it.

Canada, London, Australia, New Zealand, The Bahamas, Hawaii, no particular order; not necessarily all, but at least one.

Even if only for a year.

I’m going back into my little rabbit hole now.

  • “You don’t have/need to…”
  • “You should stay…”
  • “You should…”

Seriously, though…

Reading through the first six (and I even deleted some because I just couldn’t handle it)… Just… Really, I don’t even feel like freaking blogging anymore.

And I can’t right now, because if I did it would consist of many, many curse words – and every other word, if that.

Not really trusting you guys anymore.

Other crap I really hate (created from inspiration of majority points in comments received):

  • people comparing their life to mine, their growing up, etc., to mine.
  • people telling me I don’t need to venture out, etc.
  • people telling me I can do ____ here.
  • I get that I can’t escape the politics, but most people completely missed my insertawholebunchofbadwordshere point.
  • Negativity has surrounded me my entire insertwords life. “Think positive.” Yeah? How about you shut up?
  • “Be a better person.” You don’t know me./Don’t tell me what to do.
  • It’s not about the politics for the most part, either. My point was completely misunderstood; I’m not good with explaining crap. And…

You know what? Screw it.

I may or may not be back.

I’m not really missable anyway, so it’s not like my disappearing would matter any, right?

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