Reasonable Doubt

For what it is worth, I opened Hostously a little over an hour ago. It has been in Maintenance Mode for quite some time now, and I finally spent hours to work on getting it up and running. I decided to open the bigger hosting later, so for now I am only offering free hosting. The theme is a premade, but I really like it, and it is actually something I spent all of March looking for. It’s kind of hard to figure out all of your pages until you have a theme. Or it is for me, anyway.

The theme is so simple; it is not too busy, or anything of the sort. Ya know? πŸ™‚

I found a theme I want. I really like it. >.> It’s so … neat! Grr.

I’m at my mom’s house. I decided to spend the night. It wasn’t really something I wanted to do; Mimi is just being so … unreasonable.

We’ve got a bug problem.

Sunday night my window was left open. My window screen has holes. So. These tiny, black dot-looking things started coming into my room. Other bugs did, too. It was quite annoying, and there’s no telling how many were in there. They are still in there, too.

She purchased bug bombs. We were going to set them off on Wednesday, but we were running late and the morning was too busy and the house was not ready to have the bug bombs set off, anyway. So we decided to set them off Thursday.

Tommy was there. Again. Aside from that, she continued to leave the windows open!

Here I am, at home, itching from the bites! Yes, deodorant helps, but I don’t want to put it all over my body just to avoid being bitten!

She wanted me to clean the house yesterday. And today she called me at noon, telling me to clean it since I “didn’t have time yesterday”. Oh, I had time. I just don’t see a point in sweeping and doing other types of deep cleaning until the bug bombs are set off because the floors and everything will just have to be cleaned again.

Did I mention that I am allergic to those cleaning chemicals? Yep. I am. So, I’m not going to clean if I am just going to have to clean again. And I do not care what the freaking company thinks, because I have my reasons:

  1. The dishes have not even been mine, because I put mine into the dishwasher. Dishwasher! Also, I haven’t been eating at home much. I haven’t even been at home very much lately because of the bugs!
  2. The mess in the living room isn’t mine; I don’t even hang out in there!

I already have to 1) see Tommy’s underwear on the bathroom counter and 2) do Tommy’s laundry. What else does she expect me to do?

And she cannot pull the tired card anymore; if she’s so tired when she gets home, how come she can do all of this stuff Tommy wants her to do?! UGH.

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Oh, yay on opening Hostously πŸ™‚ It’s great that you’re hosting for free.

Loooove the “Pretty” theme! It’s so lovely and neat, like you said.

Yikes on the bug problem! In Australia, we have a LOT of spiders, so they’re our main problem, haha. I hope the bugs go away. I remember one time, during a camping trip, my friend left the torch light on in our tent and all these bugs started to “follow the light”, haha. And I kept getting paranoid that some weird ass bug was in my sleeping bag.

The theme on your hosting site is perfect. It’s one of Catherine’s, am I right?

I hope your bug problem goes away. I haven’t had anything like that before but it sounds nasty. Bugs kind of freak me out, and bug bites drive me up the wall.

It’s such a pain when you clean something and then later it gets messy again so you have to re-clean. Take the kitchen floor, for instance. I live with two dogs so you can picture the scene…

Ugh, my mum always tells me to clean up mess that isn’t even mine. It’s nuts. If I made the mess, sure. If I didn’t, no way. But hey, this is my mum, I just have to man up and do it.

Take care! xx

I agree. She can’t say that she is tired and do all of the stuff that Tommy asks her to do. That is just not fair but that is parents for you… :/

Dang. that sucks with the bugs. We make sure that either all of the windows/doors are shut before we go to sleep or that none of the screens have holes in them. I hope you can get the bugs out!

Congrats on opening Hostously! I love the layout. Catherine made my layout to. I paid her for it though. So technically it is a premade but it wasn’t a free one! Hahahaha.

I’m not really good when it comes to putting things into sentences and using the correct words to get the point I want across and not be mean about it. Otherwise I would. That is the only thing stopping me.

Cool! πŸ™‚ I’m going to start working full time this summer. πŸ™‚ I hope that means that I can either get a raise or either become a manager. πŸ™‚

Okay, cool! One-time prices are cool but I don’t have the money for one-time prices at the moment. So I will save up the money for it in my PayPal. Then once I have the money, I will get it. (:

She did move it to our hosting. Her nameservers should have changed to and I wonder why she didn’t change them. I’ll contact her later about that.

Really? That’s cuz Verizon was stupid and forgot about the people living there. XD

My own mum annoys me when she says she’s tired. I am tired too when she says that! She asks me to do stuff for her, which I normally wouldn’t mind but they’re such little things she could really do them herself.

I’m sorry about the bug problem. I have a flyscreen and the holes are too small for anything to really get in. When it’s night time and the insects come out, I shut the windows to avoid that. We still get cockroaches around the house, probably from the roof or something. Bugs are just stupid, period.

The theme you want is really cute! I love the colours too. Congratulations on opening Hostously, it looks great. πŸ™‚

Good luck finding a job and working. πŸ™‚ I finished my assignment, and I have quite a few more which are due when I get back… I go back to university after another two weeks. It’s called a study break because we’re usually given assignments to work on during that time.

My birthday is in May. I’m turning 20.

Well that’s good, it doesn’t sound like you lost anything anyway. It sounds like that was just a misunderstanding. You can’t always believe things posted online, and if you can ask people in person that’s sometimes a better idea.

Thank you, I just removed your password, I’ll try and remember it. πŸ™‚

Congrats on opening your hosting site again!

That’s a nice theme and I’m sure if you found someone, I’m sure they could recreate something similar to that so you don’t have to pay (how much does it cost anyways)? I could recreate it myself; it’s pretty easy.

My step-mom’s friends had come over from Philadelphia for vacation (this was a few months ago); while they were here, they also brought roaches with them. I don’t know if you know, but Philadelphia has a really bad roach problem. Anyways, we had to bomb our house too and when it was done, we found roaches hidden all over the place. I don’t know how so many of them hatched so quickly but wow. I think they laid eggs one day then the next they were fully grown — crazy. I hate the smell your house gets after you bomb too; it’s gross.

Ooo yay for hosting site! I love the name of your domain! I love websites that do that what-do-you-call it. Like uhh I wish my blog could be The theme is beautiful! If I weren’t so weird about using premades I’d be on WordPress by now.

Urgh this is another reason to hate summer! All the bugs that fly around, all the mosquito bites to look forward to! But it’s still winter here for some reason, though last year this time was already summer. Stupid weather around this area.

Thank you for pointing out it was confusing, I re-clarified. We can socialize lols there are just some words (English) he doesn’t understand, and when that happens I’ll just have to repeat or explain myself. I don’t really mind, I think it’s interesting.

My friend goes to an Ivy-League school and all that’s happening there is drug use and lawsuits. So much for Ivy. My parents are obsessed with this though, especially my mom. She thinks Ivy is always better no matter what.

I don’t really like it when people post content in blog posts. It’s easier to manage yeah, but harder for people who want it to find. Just my opinion. =D

Haha. Yeah. πŸ™‚ I wanted something I could add onto and use a lot of things for. πŸ˜› was perfect for that xD

There are very few premades I like. It takes sometimes takes me months to find the right one. And even then, whether I may or may not like it just … depends. There’s always a 25% chance I’ll like it and a 75% I won’t like it, if that helps explain my case.

I’d post a page for that category, and display the items as I posted it … That way, it would be much easier for people to find! x)

So…For this TCG I’m working on, I will most likely be using one of your PHP templates. πŸ˜› Can’t decide which one, though! πŸ˜›

When I start up a new site I tend to upload a simple theme just while I get my pages done, then just before I open the site I make a good theme. I often find that works better for me but sometimes it is hard to work out how you want your pages to look before having a theme.

Eeek, I’m sorry about the bug problem! I hope you get it sorted out and Mimi stops being unreasonable about the cleaning. If you’re allergic to the chemicals that’s a good enough reason for you not to do it!


Haha, thanks. But she was still unreasonable. Then Sunday, she didn’t wake me for church… Or when she got home…

Blah. I think she got mad at me or something for not cleaning. Oh well. πŸ˜›

Your site’s not coming up in my browser. πŸ™

I hope you get all the bugs destroyed. i HATE bugs, and they freak the hell outta me. I like your hosting site too! Thanks for visiting Liz!

What are you doing for the bigger hosting? I have a hosting company that has been open for years and I am trying to promote it, but it’s hard when it seems like everyone out there is giving away unlimited resources for next to nothing.

That is a really nice theme, why can’t you just take what you like about it and put your own spin on it, or find it for free somewhere?

Sometimes family can be annoying telling you to clean stuff that shouldn’t be your responsibility, but what are you going to do? Until you move out they will always be that annoying, so probably staying away from home as much as possible is your best option.

I love the template that you have up on your hosting site. Actually, I love pretty much all of Catherine’s templates. They’re very adorable and polished.

Bug problems are terrible! At least you’re closing all the windows so that the problem doesn’t get any worse!

Finally, she expects you to do her boyfriend’s laundry? Uh…. That sounds gross and not right.