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All I really did this week was eat, shower, sleep and go to the doctor’s office for the food allergy test. It can either last for one and a half days or three half days. We did the three half days. I found out I’m also allergic to soy, tomatoes, onions and pepper. I think I’ll get the official list today whenever I go in. I was really hoping I wouldn’t be allergic to soy, but the test came back as severe, even after she used a weaker solution. I can still have it, just on a rotation.

Last year, I wanted to start some sort of a “link love” thing, I guess how Manda does hers, but I never got around to it and eventually forgot about it until I began reading her blog. I like alliteration, and the sound of ‘r’, so this is my version.

I’ve fallen behind on blog reading, but hopefully I’ll be caught up soon.

I took advantage of NameCheap’s lovely 24-hour $0.98 registration/transfer event and purchased, inspired by Kya’s domain inspiration list. 🙂 I’m keeping for another year, but will be taking its place. I think I like it much better than, anyway. 🙂

Recent Reads & Findings

You can change the world, even if it takes making one phone call or filling out a small form. If you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll get a freebie and entered to win a copy of Change the World, Dammit! provided you share the link with others. 🙂

Sarah’s guest blogger explains how to find the perfect client without going broke. I’ve seen a lot of freelance designers just quit because they couldn’t find great clients, so maybe this will help someone and they’ll be saved from quitting. :p

There are different little things for bloggers that we can be a part of! I personally find them cute! There’s a birthday calendar and a bloggers world map. I used to know of others, but the blogs apparently have shut down. :/

The BBN explained why correct grammar is important in blogging and how to make a boring life interesting.


I don’t want to see ANYONE say, “I always enter giveaways, but I never win. :(” Just enter. Enter many. Enter all of these, I don’t care. Just give it a chance. I used to say that. And then I started winning things monthly. May the odds be in your favor! 😉 (I’m entering, too. Good luck!)

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Father’s Day gift for dad + Rafflecopter gift for you (by Rafflecopter)
  • 10 free Maple Leaf Prime printable coupons (it’s ground turkey)
  • Week at summer camp/iPad Mini
  • $15 via PayPal
  • $25 Kroger Gift Card
  • Signed copies of books
  • iPad Mini (CA, GB & US; allows entrants to fill out form multiple times)
  • AblePlanet Musician’s Choice Noise Cancellation Headphones
  • Kindle Fire

That’s 10 giveaways. If you enter at least ten per month, you’re guaranteed to win at least something. And if you join the mailing list as mentioned above, that’s another giveaway if you share the link.

Now you can stop saying you never win anything. :p

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I think I might have some sort of food allergy because I’ve always had an issue with random breakouts and I can’t tie it down to anything except possibly being that I am lactose intolerant and occasionally indulge in cheese.

@Kay, Being intolerant and having a food allergy are two totally different things. It could be some kind of allergy and not necessarily a food allergy. I stopped using face wash (and I don’t use make up), and my face cleared up instantly.

Link love posts are fun to put together, I’ve found. I don’t have a blogroll, so I think of it as my way of shedding light on some of my favorite bloggers and/or posts. 🙂

That is a huge list of things to be allergic to! I hope that you are able to find substitutes. I hope that you’ll just grow out of your allergies someday!

I think I might be allergic to soy, too. I end up with horrible stomach pains which results in (TMI… sorry) explosive diarhea afterwards. Also, whatever they put in their Moose burgers at Fuddrucker’s. Also also, found out by way of ambulance ride and a whole day in the ER, that I’m allergic to Sulfa.