Regarding Self-Care

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Do you find that self-care is both easy and hard at the same time? What’s your favorite, go-to way to take care of yourself?

In some ways, self-care is easy for me. I tend to do well with drinking water everyday and having time to relax and enjoy myself.

In other ways, self-care is really difficult. Having food allergies sucks, and I’m so bored of plain things. Plus, eating in general isn’t easy for me. I’m going to have to start eating regularly, however, because now I’ve got to be tested for hypoglycemia.

But I like to dance and listen to music, no matter the time of night.

I like to watch my favorite television series (actually, I like so little series, so what I watch translates to my “favorites”).

I love photography, so I sometimes take pictures. This one has been really challenging since I no longer live in an area where nature and mostly scenic areas are right outside the house.

I love blogging, so I blog. I think my most favorite go-to ways to taking care of myself are the four most recently listened one. I let myself relax via writing a blog post here on 6birds, a blog I’ve had for three consecutive years.

Photography is my therapy, though.

Speaking of photography, that’s what I’m going to be: a photographer. Sh, let’s not talk about it. 😉

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I only learned about self-care in my late 20s.
I’m a heavy water drinker. Can finish 2L a day. I’m currently having bad withdrawal symptoms from sugar-free and caffeine-free diet coke. I have lots of allergies like you and been battling hay fever/allergic rhinitis for a month now. Pollen level in London has gone haywire.!
I take care of myself by eating well (if I can, which is about once a week), dancing, reading as much books as I can, watching old films when I can, and yes you’re right, blogging. Or writing. It keeps me in touch with my innermost thoughts, which I think is healthy for self-improvement.

Love this post again 🙂

Self-care is somewhat hard for me, even though I consider myself selfish, but at the same time, I am lazy too. I am, additionally, prideful and care about others’ opinions, so that is what pushes me to take care of others’s first, and then if I have time/energy for myself, I’ll do it. It’s kind of strange now that I think about it….

But I guess there’s the kind of self-care that is meant to take care of yourself, and the self-care that is meant to indulge yourself. Taking care of your diet needs seems tedious, but it’s for your benefit so I hope you keep up with it 🙂 Drinking water is very good, and it’s something that I need to work on, a lot … But I am the master of indulging myself cause I am such a hedonist, it’s really bad D: It’s the self-care that is for my health that suffers the most @.@

I’m so jealous of your ability to drink water, I struggle to drink 3 or 4 cups a day, it’s pretty pathetic, I just hate it and they add fluoride where I live and I can’t stand the taste.

Sorry about the hypoglycemia, that really sucks, I have celiac disease and can’t eat large amounts of gluten (I still do, I get mildly sick but I just love pizza too much!). Having to diet because of anything but weight is just such a pain, ^^.

And the CommentLuv plugin is so awesome! Woah, I wish I used WordPress right now, haha.

It’s great that you drink a good amount of water every day. It’s so much better than others who drink nothing but soda all day long. Keeping things stress free is another way of taking care of yourself. 🙂

Being limited in what you can eat sounds like an immense challenge. Are you allergic to fruit salads too?

Your hobbies sound pretty relaxing and fun at the same time. Blogging is fun! It’s only relaxing if you make it relaxing and not a business of some sort.

The horse and cat looks adorable! Is that cat Todd? I’m throwing a name out hoping it’s somehow right :6.

Taking the time to do things you enjoy is the most important thing. People get so swept up with what they ‘should’ be doing – should be going to the gym, etc – that they forget to do what they LIKE doing. Relaxing and enjoying is definitely the best way to take care of yourself. And you take some gorgeous pictures!

Self-care can be a challenge because I think we always want to try and do for others first. This is an interesting post! I love the photo of your kitty, btw. He (she?) is very handsome (pretty?). Can you teach me some ways to drink more water? I think that is what I am lacking in terms of self-care. I go to the gym, eat well, and I stopped smoking last year, but water is my challenge. I prefer coffee and diet coke! (Ack!)

@Christine, It’s Todd 2011.

I’m allergic to everything but water in the beverage department. I can have fruit juice, but only fresh-squeezed.

This is a really interesting project that you’ve adopted, Liz! I think it definitely creates some regularity & gives each new blog of yours a purpose or point. I think that being able to express yourself is a very important part of self-care. Meditation has also scientifically proven to be of great use to de-stress yourself!

Have you tried enrolling in a photography class? I think you’d really benefit from one if you have a passion for photography. It’ll give you a much greater appreciation for photography & of course, you’ll learn tons of things. 🙂