Remember when blogging was cool?

I remember.

Before it was a popularity contest.

Before there were rules.

Before people made commenting a chore.

Before people made popularity seem necessary, important.

Before there were cliques.

Before there were…


It was fun back then.

Inspired by Susi and Peter’s posts.

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Comments on this post

agreed. I gave up in counting comments and web stats. some people put too much time and effort into making people care

I remember those times but I remember people didn’t care as much and usually just spam comments with things like “nice site” “nice layout” which was rather annoying. Now a day people actually write decent comment or just don’t write any.

Either way I still blog about whatever I want. I don’t follow any particular rules, I just blog.

I remember reading blogs at this time, but I wasn’t a blogger myself yet. I absolutely loved the little community and could tell they had fun blogging – which is why I liked to read them and what pulled me in myself. While it’s not the same as then, I think my blogging buddies still blog for fun, not popularity despite hectic times. 🙂

I remember when blogging was more popular. It used to be more fun, too. But what are these rules you speak of? No one’s required to do anything on THEIR blog… or maybe I’ve missed something? Anyway, don’t let it get to you… this is probably why people have cliques… to avoid the bullshit… but yeah, I can see how it creates more. :/

I mean like articles telling people how they should do something. Like Nancy’s article. However, I tend to post long blogs, so… Guess I fail her list.

I don’t think that I remember a time when blogging was not full of advertisements and before all the rules existed. But I do remember a time when fewer people cared about those sorts of things.

I am extremely fortunate to have a group of blogging buddies who do not care very much. 😀