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Last year, I received the opportunity to try out an e-course that runs this year called Cake for Breakfast (written by Ashley Wilhite), and as a part of the opportunity, I’m supposed to review it. I listened to about half of the audio before I decided I just couldn’t.

Since the course was created by a life coach, it’s got that life coach sound to it that I can’t stand, so I just decided to do the journal prompts instead. Cake for Breakfast as a whole is great, but I do wish that the audios had text to follow it — perhaps text that sounded more real, or just audio that sounded more real, since I don’t do well with any kind of life coaching[1. They always feel so fake to me.] — and the audio sessions are super long. I never even consider buying e-courses because they always put audios into them, and I’d rather read than listen. If more e-course creators would accompany their audio with text, they could reach a lot more people (e.g. people who are deaf, hard of hearing, etc.).

Thus far, I like the journal prompts — but I dislike the ones that say to ‘spend x minutes’, because I feel like a lot of that is filler. It reminded me of when I was in this English class with this teacher who thought we always needed five minutes to think of the answer to every question when she did personal thought assignments — it didn’t matter if we were already done; she wanted us to ‘detail it’, ‘fully express it’ — and it felt so forced, especially since I prefer to just write and let it end when it is done.

Thus, I suppose you could say I took it and went my own way with it.

On a scale of one to five stars, I’ll give it 3.5, because I can’t listen to the audio and lack an alternate to it.

I think it would have went really well if it had somehow been a part of The Declaration of You, as some of the prompts make me feel like I’m answering those TDOY prompts again.

#funfact: Kim’s mom is a huge promoter of having cake for breakfast; when I went for the first time to Kansas in 2007, the morning after we’d arrived consisted of a freshly baked cake specifically made for breakfast. That’s honestly what I think of every time I hear “cake for breakfast”, heh. /cookie

Also: I was interviewed by Georgie! #dibs

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Sounds like an interesting life coaching course but I would feel the same if they don’t speak to you like a normal human being. It feels odd and I’ll probably scrunch my face at the audio than actually listen. However I think you could fall asleep to it and let the audio run while you rest so when you wake up it’s sort of embedded in your mind.

My housemate listens to an audio book that gives life lessons in believing in yourself and the future. It gives life a more positive approach. She has hearing problems but just has to turn it up loud (so I’ll be listening in the other room too hahaha)

Hi Liz! Thanks so much for your feedback. You’re the second person to suggest adding transcripts to accompany the audio session, so I’m definitely going to look into that. Thanks for giving the course a try! 🙂