There’s not really anything special about this theme other than I made it because I wanted something somewhat fun, unique and plain with a splash of color. As you make your browser window larger/shorter, it minimizes/gets better. Fancy, huh?

The way I tried to make everything work originally just … wouldn’t work. I couldn’t get all entries displayed on a page to work with the snazzy circles, and I didn’t want to stress over it anymore, so I stopped. Some of the coloring is still not what I would like for it to be, but I feel a little better when I’m using themes I made myself. I think this is because it shows a little more of who I am on the inside. Maybe, maybe not. I think my themes are a bit different from other people’s, though, because I try to do things others wouldn’t do. This one isn’t my favorite; my favorite is still the wooden one I referred to as “Zoey” and made for 6birds. It was the one that said “If I Ruled the World” in the header.

The image at the top of the page would include a link, but the only way I could make it line up directly at the top was to put it in the container DIV instead of the header DIV. The names of the commentators as well as the date and time said comment was posted are smaller than the actual comments. I don’t yet know whether I like this or not. I don’t think I mind it too much; Gravatars are clickable – they take you to the person’s site – unless it is a reply.

I’m not too big of a fan of the TypeKit logo at the bottom righthand corner of every page, but I really like this main font, so I decided that I can deal with it for now.

When I make something I actually like, that will be a bit more permanent. This one is just temporary, and despite what the style sheet says, I think I’m going to call it Rocky. 😛 I’ll save “Toasty” for the name of a future, more appropriate theme.

…P.S. I am so glad BEDA is finally over.

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Nice layout! I love it! I really like simple, minimalistic designs like these and am applying it to my new layout as well.

Hope you’ve been doing well during the past couple months I went MIA. 🙂

Nice theme! I like simple, plain themes. 😀 Now I feel like I should tweak my own blog. I’ve been meaning to go black & white with it, but I always get lazy to do anything to it, haha.

Congrats on finishing BEDA! That was a lot of entries to write! I really like this new theme too. I love simple and clean layouts, and the subtle texture is nice 🙂

I think this theme is really special! You used that theme Georgina made for so long. It’s so clean but the font makes it so cute. And i love the background. So it’s responsive too. Lots people doing that these days.

Congrats on BEDA. I would do it but every month something always comes up, either my internet doesn’t work or my computer crashes. I hate my technology life haa.

I agree, the layout looks great. I always like it when the website re-sizes for different size web browsers. I try to do that with mine as well. And I like the font ad in the corner. It fits very well with your theme so I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I was you.

Love the clean and crispiness of the theme, Liza! 🙂

Congrats on finishing BEDA! (I know that you missed a day at the beginning, but you got yourself back up right after that!) Now you have one more thing to add to your list of accomplishments.

This is indeed one of your layouts, because it reminds me of others that you’ve made. And while I don’t really know what you originally intended, I can tell you that it certainly doesn’t look bad!

If you still want the top image to be a link, you could do it really easily with a little javascript. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that the layout looks fantastic. I spent about 5 minutes “playing” with it as I resized the page over and over again. muahaha!

Lovely new theme! Typekit really has some nice fonts. I switched to them from Google fonts for both my blogs (except the music blog).

I absolutely love simple designs like this. It’s refreshing to see in contrast to the celebrity layouts so many people seem to have ;P I recognize the background pattern – I used it as an accent in my previous layout. Great minds think alike? Haha

Haha, really? Did you get it from Subtle Patterns, too? :p