Rolling in the Deep

What am I supposed to talk about right now? The fact that I ate eggs – even though I’m allergic[1. That’s an understatement, but it’s much easier to explain why I don’t normally/can’t eat them.] to them – and now I feel sick? Or what about the fact that I went to the park with the kids[2. Siblings Isaac, Patrick and Carrie] to run out their energy – and succeeded – in one hour flat? Or how about the fact that Carrie and I came home early because our cousin, Shane, kept inviting his friends over – even when he wasn’t supposed to – and they yelled and cursed and talked about sex in front of Carrie, who is merely 7 years old?

Yeah, I’ll start with that.

I’ll also include the details about how I spilled water over “the big one” as Carriecalled him. It’s also the way I figured out which one did what: The tall and lanky one was the one that looked and acted like Isaac, the bulky, built guy was the one that sat on Shane, and the big one was who the boys call “Billy Boy”, and his name was, well, I don’t even remember anymore.

Carrie and I hung out in Shane’s room most of the time. She was begging me to take her home. I set her up playing games on my lappy, and we played some together, but she was bored and the experience was a bit traumatic.

We went home Thursday afternoon, because Bebe[3. Our aunt] helped us get back to where I knew I was, since I don’t know the Kaufman County area[4. To be exact: Crandall, Combine and Seagoville.]. I was exhausted. I couldn’t go to bed early because Carrie was sleeping with me, and Bebe had work. But I didn’t want to be rude. Ugh.

Aside from all of the cursing and whatnot from the boys, the worst part was the gay jokes. I have friends who would have been offended. I strongly dislike jokes like that. The term “that’s so gay” isn’t any better or loved by me. Sure, sometimes I do say, “Gayyy,” but I mean it as in, “You’re acting gay,” and whomever I say it to[5. I have to be close, or know for sure that they’ll know what I mean.] usually says, “No, I’m not!” or a funny, “Yes, yes, I am. But you knew that.” Seriously. Just love, love, and love some more! Quit hating on everything. How does that make you any better than your biggest “enemy”, business competitor, etc.?



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Hey, Liz…

///< I haven't been here in a while, ehehehe…
I hope you feel better! Egg sickness + tired from park = not good. I dunno, haha. & WHOA, she's only seven… and she's exposed to that kind of stuff. Hopefully she doesn't learn from this Shane guy and his friends' lessons, hehe. I was exposed to that kind of stuff when I was seven, from watching TV, and I ended up getting in much trouble with my parents – and gained an awful habit of swearing like a sailor/truck driver. Or a sailor-truck-driver. & Oh… she didn't have a good time. 🙁 I guess if someone were her age they'd be scared by then… the words words words. I agree with you on the gay jokes. I have some relatives that are gay, and they don't let those jokes get to them, and they get pretty offended. 😀 You have a right to be a little ticked off by that. If they have friends and/or relatives, they should love the person, but not the "behavior" (c: If you know what I mean). /fish

@Jess, Thanks! I felt better a few days ago, but I’m still so exhausted… I can’t find the ability to sleep. I think That this happens every summer for me – did it happen last summer? I can’t seem to remember.

Mary was much better when we got back home, and I told my mom all about it. Next time Mary and I won’t go to Bebe’s at all – the environment wasn’t a good one, so why go back? Plus, it was just so much harder on me. 🙁

Exactly!! Just because you don’t like one’s behavior(s) doesn’t mean that they are a bad person and should be hated for that!! I don’t understand what this world has come to, but I can honestly say that I don’t like it right now!! >.< Urgh.

I stopped swearing once my little brother started to grow up (he’s 6 now). While I didn’t actually swear all that much before, I still don’t see how hard it could be to just censor yourself around little kids. It’s inappropriate, inconsiderate, and it sets a bad example.

I just mentioned the “that’s so gay” thing in a previous blog. I find it ridiculous. It doesn’t even make sense.

@Clarisse, From time to time, curse words are said here, but they’re not … as bad as the sexual humored “curse words” the boys were saying were… I mean, I’d never even heard of those words before… What are things coming too??!! And apparently I’m dumb because I didn’t know what something they said was. In my defense, I prefer to use Webster’s Dictionary words that are not slang, and do not appear on Urban Dictionary with a grody meaning. 😛