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Monday, Grandmama and I were invited to a lunch thing with “Cousin Kathy”, the same one from the Joyous Living Retreat I attended earlier this year, that would happen today. We went with her and her friend R. The lunch thing was actually more of a fundraiser event for students’ scholarships. The students go on trips to places, and I think it’s usually tech-y.

…I’m blogging about a place I went that wasn’t to a store, a doctor’s office or a restaurant! Let’s just savor this moment for a minute.

[one minute later]

The lunch event consisted of lunch, a door prize, a raffle drawing, some discussions about their clubs and a live auction. The money collected from the auctioned items, admission and raffle drawing went toward the fees and the organization’s events and activities — in this case, it was a fundraiser for scholarships.

Kathy gave us $20 each to spend on an item at the live auction. I’m not normally the type to spend someone else’s money like that when they tell me it’s okay and whatnot, but I oddly did. I really surprised myself there, and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. For once, I don’t feel guilty, but a small part of me can’t figure out if I’m supposed to feel guilty or not. I ended up spending $15 of that money when I won the anchor basket/thing. I love nautical things. 😀

This whole thing took place at Brookdale Chambrel at Club Hill[1. I found a video here.], a luxurious assisted living place that made me lust to be an elderly lady who had the money to live in such an extravagant place until she passed. I remember my dad telling me that one day I’d have a meal put in front of me that made me understand the importance of cooking a meal where flavor was present, and how that meal would make me taste something that felt so natural and amazing that I’d never forget it. I’m not sure if I’ll one day forget it, but for now I know it’s on my mind.

I can still taste the chicken cordon bleu with its cheese sauce containing hints of the orange juice from the orange slice to its right placed as if its purpose was merely for garnishing. The broccoli to the chicken cordon bleu’s left mocked me as, although eating the vegetable makes me gag, its juices seeped through its body and into my cheese sauce — a combination I couldn’t get enough of. Across from the chicken cordon bleu were the carrots. Covered in a brown sugar-and-cinnamon-like orange sauce, they were the icing on the cake. I felt like I was just making up the flavors in my head. I was excited and acted like a spazz about the flavors; I wouldn’t be surprised if Grandmama felt a bit embarrassed.

Dessert consisted of cinnamon-vanilla ice cream with some sort of pecan pie. I scraped off the pecans and completely skipped over them. Underneath the pecan dome was some sort of soft crust. That with the ice cream was delicious. Obviously, this dessert was totally against my allergies, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious.

The saddest part about eating this food happened when I realized the people who lived there ate like this everyday. Lucky them.

Oh, and the appetizer was a Caesar salad with Caesar dressing I’ve never tasted before in my life and would love to marry.

All in all, I feel like I cheated on my spouse, and I’m not even married.

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Luxurious gourmet food every day? I’m not sure that I could handle that! Right now, I’m too used to plain food to feel like it’s okay (at least for me) to eat that well, but power to them!

I have been to several assisted living places before, usually to play piano for them while I was in high school, and none of them were anywhere near as fancy as this place. It’s like these people are just pretending that all the dark corners of the world don’t actually exist!

I know, right?! I’ve always seen and been told that assisted living places were always so dull and blah.

I was just really surprised that it was so nice! The food is also nutritionally balanced and made from the freshest of ingredients… After some research, however, the average resident pays $3000 to $4000 monthly. They only pay for services they use, but the living costs (the apartment), some meals, and certain activities supposedly round up to that much. Nevertheless, it still sounds nice.

Man, all that food sounds amazing, you’re making me hungry! And to think that all of that came of an assistant home! We’re currently going through that process with my grandmother so it’s refreshing to know that well-to-do homes like that still exist – and will hopefully exist when I’m old, too!

And hey, well done with the auction! That anchor looks quite badass.

Awww thanks for that! I never knew that. I am lucky to have no allergies hence, eat everything I want.

Well good for you Liz and it was for a good cause. I’m glad you got something you’re happy with as well.

That community sounds like a wonderful place to live and the way you explained that meal made me so darn hungry. My Mom makes the best glazed carrots and it’s with brown sugar as well so I was tasting those. My nephew and I salivate in them when she fixes them for us.

Glad you had such a wonderful time. If we all could just live out the rest of our lives in a place like that. Affordable though! lol…


I really think that one good way to raise money is through auctions. I guess you shoudn’t feel bad on spending that money because it will be for a good cause anyway. And plus, you get a really cool anchor basket. I would love to have that as well.

The way you describe what you had for lunch is beyond. It gets me literally mouthwatering.
And why would you skip pecans? I love them. ;-(

I’m allergic to nuts; it’s a life-threatening allergy, thus they’re avoided altogether.

Oh I see. I, on the other hand, really loves nuts on everything.

I used to, too. “When you eat too much of certain foods or eat them too often, sensitivities can appear.” Be careful. 🙂