Work with Jane Lively

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Hi! I’m a full-time autistic freelancer. This allows me to accommodate myself and maintain my independence better. I believe your business should work for you, not against you, and will be transparent if I don’t think I am the best fit for yours.

✨ I am expressive through emoji, because it’s the only form of visual non-speaking communication I somewhat understand. You don’t have to match my emoji energy, but please respect my use of it instead of dismissing it as unprofessional. 😌

Freelance writing

My focus is on autism, disability and neurodiversity. Parents of disabled and neurodivergent kids feel empowered after reading my articles and find my perspective “refreshing”.

I write from an autistic perspective, with the awareness of new autism-forward and autistic-friendly research. I do not support ABA or authoritarian parenting.

Contact me:

Web design (coming soon)

If you like any of the previews below and want something similar, we should talk.


  • code from scratch.
  • exclusively design for WordPress.
  • am best for content creators who want a setup like mine and whimsical, personal designs.

Project rates vary and start at $150.

Services will be billed under my legal/dead name. ‘Tis a dead name for several reasons, the top one being that I am ending the cycle of abuse with me and choosing life. My chosen name reflects that. I am in the process of changing my legal name and will form an LLC afterwards, but please respect my preferred name and privacy. If you’re not comfortable with this, we will not be a good fit. ✨

In the event of an autistic meltdown/shutdown, which is unpredictable and requires some recovery time, my turnaround time may increase 1-2 business days.

In the event of an allergic reaction, my turnaround time may increase 1-4 business days depending on severity, how long my body takes to recover, whether I am still in hospital, and if the reaction returns. 😔