Sleep Catcher

Eyes closed, thoughts swim in a school of a baker’s dozen and are typically of potential blog posts. Thus, I pick up my phone from the nightstand in hopes of fighting the drowse long enough to successfully email the idea to myself. Sent.

Sleep occurs. I’m drifting away on something like a magic carpet, but better. It’s a whale that can fly high in the sky and talk. Its blue, velvety skin is soothing against my own, and the sleep continues. I’m not aware, however, that I am actually asleep. If an epiphany so happens to arise, perhaps a lucid dream would come into play. During sleep, anything can happen. This is likely the explanation to why some things are merely better in dreams. Some may carper that dreams are better, but I think they typically are. Sleep is relaxing for a reason, is it not?

Then I find out the name of the whale as he stops at a location I am unaware of. But he doesn’t tell me his name, as I know it already. I know things in my sleep without realizing I do until a situation in which I need said knowledge arises. It’s both helpful and irritating, but it’s my sleep, so what can I do? I once read that during sleep, we use a different part of our brain. Because of this, we may have better access to some of the memories our brains have tucked away, and when we awake we may lose that access. It’s as if sleep works as a key to unlock memories from the past, only giving us the ability to see particular memories on certain occasions.

The whale tells me he won’t be returning again, and that I will be able to find my way out. I don’t remember his name; it’s lost in an instant as if his swimming away took that piece of my brain away. I don’t know where I am, but it looks like a whimsical community that was somewhat abandoned. All at once, the colors are melting away as if they were a thick paint or runny cake icing. And then it was grey.

My colors gone, I feel astray. The whale abandoned me, and I don’t know my way.

I’ve not written in quite some time, so I figured I’d give it a try, as well as attempt some inline rhyme. This took about 20 minutes at most. If longer, it doesn’t really matter too much. However, I figured it needed to be done. I needed to get into some detail, and I just needed to write again. I was aiming for 500 words or longer, or even something that could work as a prose, but I’m now at a complete loss for words.

I do, however, think my diction has improved since I last wrote from feeling/on impulse (basically excluding NaNoWriMo, because I didn’t have a want to write, so of course I didn’t do my best).

Anyway, what do you think? Do you ever force yourself to write for fun when you know you need to?

P.S. I got interviewed!

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I really like your word choice in imagery, it’s very creative. It’s interesting that you come up with blog ideas before you go sleep, and now you have a post about what happens after that. I’ve always wanted to access the part of the brain that is active when I’m asleep (and all the crazy stuff I think of), but as you said, it’s gone by the time I am awake, and then I immediately forget my dreams and thoughts 🙁

Congrats on being interviewed! You’re allergic to tea too? D: Hmm, if you sneak green tea and it doesn’t have much of an effect on you, have you tried other Chinese teas? Most of them are actually made from the same leaves, just processed differently. There’s also Jasmine Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea (although I know people are allergic to this one), which are flowery.

Ugh…I haven’t written for fun in ages. It is definitely something that I need to do more often. But lately, inspiration has been hard for me to find. I just finished reading your interview, and it was really cute. You came across as really approachable and friendly. 🙂