Some kind of update

I closed all of the windows on my laptop for about two days, for at least a few several hour time spans. This includes Thunderbird, the program I use for emails. I refused to let myself check my blog comments, Twitter mentions, Facebook notifications, etc. I was playing Sims 3. Just to throw it out there, University Life gets really boring. It’s like having one Sim to play with, as you can’t really play much of the game when they’re at school, work, or sleeping. The CTRL+Shift + ResetSim Firstname Lastname cheat was a charm when she needed to sleep… sometimes.

My Sims are all born rich. Are they struggling? You can guarantee I’m going to use the motherlode cheat for just because purposes. I like to have the best furniture and the most awesome home remodels. My favorite part of Sims overall is the interior designing. :p

Anyways, here’s an update on my life as of recently:

  1. Lately, my despise and distaste for people is greater than usual, stretching to some family members [unfortunately].
  2. I may be able to lease my truck after all, to my uncle instead.
  3. Eating the foods I’m allergic to that don’t cause much harm literally feels like I’ve eaten junk food for a week, even if it’s one bag of chips and/or three slices of DiGiorno’s breadstick pepperoni pizza.
  4. I have realized that my hair is much more pleasing when I blow dry it straight from the shower.
  5. In the shower this morning, I thought of the domain name that makes me say, “YES! THAT SCREAMS ME!” It sucks because it’s available, therefore tempting. The only downside is that the .com extension is taken (even though I want either the .me or the .org)[1. I can’t decide on this part, either.] It’d most likely serve as a redirect. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes. Should I get it? I’ll go with the most votes as my answer by either the end of today or tomorrow, provided at least 5 votes are cast. It needs to be an odd number (I’m weird like that) of votes. Go vote? I’m having a grand opening giveaway for it instead.
  6. I’m saving my Wowbutter review for when my allergy food blog opens up. I’m also planning to do other reviews on foods that I’ve tried.
  7. I’m thinking of using the tags for the [insert allergy]-free notes, as well as basic tags. I can’t decide if the ingredients the recipes use should be added as tags or not, though.
  8. The categories could be branched out, like so:
    1. Recipes
      1. Beverages
      2. Meals
      3. Snacks
    2. Substitutes & Alternatives
    3. Stories
    4. Tips

And that is as far as I have gotten. Feedback would be lovely. I’ll get to comments this weekend.

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I’m always wondering how The Sims is. Some people tell me they love it, others say it’s stupid. I’m torn between trying it out. There’s a free application on iPad or Android or something like that and one day I shall download it.

A showers, the best time for thinking. It must be pleasing to come up with a domain name, more than ideas for assignments anyway (in my case). I thought you have a domain for your allergies blog? Was it

And it looks like you are better at using tags than I am – I don’t use them at all because I have no idea what they should be for! But that little outline you put at the end of the list seems to work, though I don’t know what you can use as tags under the Stories category.

Have fun working on your blog.

Haha, back in the day when I played The Sims, I used “motherlode” pretty much all the time! And like you, I always enjoy building the houses and decorating it – playing the actual Sim is a tid bit boring, haha.

Ah, I’m so glad I’m not allergic to anything. It sounds like a nightmare! Good luck!

The Sims is a great way to create whatever fantasy you like! I always find it hilarious when my gentle friends make Sims that kill each other and have sex.

And there is a domain better than I want to see it! 😀 I’ll get my guest post done soon!

@Stephanie, Oh! I like to kill off mine! …you can make them kill each other? …I’m off to research this.~

To be honest, I’ve found it easier to marry butlers… Ya know, the kids…marry their butlers when they’re older… It’s so much easier than them having to find someone to date sometimes… heh…

@Liza, I’ve never played the Sims before, so I can only repeat stories that my friends have told me, which may or may not be garbled memory at this point. Hopefully, you can make them kill each other, and if not, hopefully, there’s a hack that can make it happen. 😛

God, I used to play Sims back in the day, and this totally makes me want to play again. The day I figured out there was a cheat code for unlimited cash was the day my life changed. I bought that friggen mansion and decorated the crap out of it. I might have to buy the latest Sims…