Sometimes I hate bloggers.

A certain type of bloggers, that is. ~

I use “hate” with caution. -.-

I need to vent.

AKA, screw the right way to write.

A while back, I received an email:


Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I followed you on Twitter and your email was tweeted to someone else, so that’s how I got it. I asked for a follow back on Twitter. If you don’t follow back, I’m going to have to unfollow you.

While you’re already reading this, I’d like to inform you that your site name on your website is spelled wrong. You forgot to put a space between the 6 and the b. “6 birds”.

Things that have built up inside of me

I really don’t want to disable comments completely again, but things are looking like they may need it.

  1. I’m tired of being asked to freaking “follow”. The numbers don’t freaking matter! Unless you’re actually receiving feedback, the hits don’t really matter. If I were to do business with someone, I’d do it with someone who interacts with their readers/clients/etc., not someone who ignores them. ~
    If you rely and really count on those Google Friend Count followers, I can’t take you seriously. #sorrynotsorry
  2. My Commenting Guidelines are there for a reason. So freaking READ them!
  3. I use WordPress, self-hosted. I cannot tell you how to style your Blogspot to look like mine.
  4. I don’t participate in link exchanges. Please don’t make me feel like I’m obligated to add your link to my site because you’ve added me to yours.
  5. I’ve had a terrible week, and I had an allergic reaction to something I ate. Sometimes, I take a while to reply to comments. Right now, Spree is down. The update was supposed to be posted Monday for the event. -.- That is my current sitely priority.
  6. I don’t reply to every comment on said person’s site, but only because sometimes I have nothing to say. I DO, however, save your link and check back later. (Sometimes.)
  7. I’m not going to sugarcoat my posts, including comments. So if your teacher took your phone away during class because you were text messaging during a test AND you also failed said test, that’s your fault. It’s also your fault that you got grounded because of it.
  8. No, I did not steal one of Georgie’s premade layouts and change the styling. Georgie made this. WHAT? REALLY? Yep. I paid her. OH, I DIDN’T KNOW. Wellp, now you do. Stop emailing me about this!
    I thought I had her link on a page somewhere, but I guess not. It’s not on the footer because I had to balance the footer stuff. It’s complicated. A Liza thing. Kind of like all of the cabinets needing to be shut completely, the microwave not being allowed to beep and having to be stopped at 1, and light switches needing to be tapped four times (but if I mess up, it has to be 4 times, then 4 times again for a total of 8). I should probably get tested for OCD, I know. It may happen with therapy.
  9. It’s 6birds, not 6 birds. Yes, it uses numbers. I MAKE IT WORK. It just has to be 6birds. Written, typed, etc. It has to be. Just like hand sanitizer has to be set down a certain way, or a pen has to be laying on a surface a certain way. …Or, better example: Writing 6birds as Six Birds or 6 Birds to me is like continuously looking at that stray mark on the overhead/chalkboard the teacher just slightly missed when erasing and just itching to go up and freaking fix that freaking obnoxious mark.
  10. I refuse to put up non HQ buttons on my site. So if I join a blogring or something and there are buttons, I’m not showing off said blogring unless 1) HQ graphics are in place or 2) I can make my own. Sites who tend to say this only have graphics that look scratchy on their sites, and then say they’ll make a button for said person to display on their site if they want to link exchange. I’m not like that. I like to think I can make pretty buttons.
  11. With #10 in place, if you’re going to comment with, “Nice layout! But the header and footer backgrounds appear a bit grainy. (I face palmed.) If you check out my link, I can make you a better one!” And cue le .jpeg that is very blurry and (can’t finish this sentence because UGH.)

How do I escape this? How do I get out of whatever place on the web I attracted these people?

-.- I’m being a bit harsh, yeah, I’m aware. I’m just SO annoyed! It’s like this huge wave of bloggers came through, and now I’m back to “hey nice lyt check out my site pls! also wanna b affies? if  u make me a fan sign i’ll make u a fan sign :)” comments! *grovels*

And I’ll make a pet peeves post later. -.-

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BAHAHAHAHA. That was message was funny. I’m sorry your blog is now exposed to these souless so-called “bloggers”. I get them too every now and then so I can understand your pain. Though, damn, I’ve never received that kind of message before. This part just really wants me to slap her “I asked for a follow back on Twitter. If you don’t follow back, I’m going to have to unfollow you.” and then to add “I’d like to inform you that your site name on your website is spelled wrong. ” WTF. Is this real life? Are they really trying to correct YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME? Goddamn. I hate them already.

That is incredibly presumptuous for that person to send you that email! I mean, this is clearly your corner of the web and you can do with it what you like. If not… then why stick around? It’s not like it’s hard to go to another website.

My god, whoever this moron was had the nerve to correct the spelling of your website. I don’t even know where to begin after reading this. I’m so sorry. The only way to get away from people you don’t want to deal with is to ignore them or just be mean. I occasionally get comments from weirdos, but they don’t come back after I leave a snarky reply. Guess it doesn’t help my reputation much.

One time I did unfollow someone on Twitter and it probably looked like it was because I didn’t get a follow back. Actually, it’s because the person I followed tweeted too much and it was just annoying.

I don’t know where people’s creepy imaginations come from, but I never once thought you stole this theme. But, one time back in the days of icons, I put up the same icon that one of my friends had, except that hers was terrible quality. She actually asked if I stole it. ???????????

I am dying to know who this blogger was.

It’s multiple bloggers.

Oh man, the blogosphere and its infinite amount of useless (and terrible) advice. Clearly you’ve made a grave mistake by formatting your domain name to be the way you want it to be when what you should have done is ask everyone else’s opinion after following them all back and replying to every single comment ever. Duh! /sarcasm

I get frustrated with the blog audience too sometimes. I think that it’s because there are the career bloggers and the “regular” bloggers and then there are the people who fit in both niches (I consider myself a merger of the two). It seems like people like to apply certain rules to others which is a shame.

“So if your teacher took your phone away during class because you were text messaging during a test AND you also failed said test, that’s your fault. It’s also your fault that you got grounded because of it.”
Fghfhg who needs me to comment smack when we have you to do it for me? XD
I also cannot with people who demand I follow them/link them/etc. T_T Do I not get to choose what I do with my own site and my own time?

Sometimes I’m surprised by the audacity of some people *shakes head*. I can’t believe she emailed you to say she would unfollow you… rude people these days, *sigh* I think blogging should be fun and not a chore, or else what’s the point right?

I cannot someone did that. People can just be so weird these days. I agree with you on the fact that people who only thing they care about numbers there blogs are terrible then they bug you to give them money just so you can be featured on their blog. Which to be who has my blog connected to my business is very frustrating. I don’t know why people are trying to get peoples money. Do you know why?

Also just saw the comment you left on my blog. Thanks for the love.

Damn. That’s ridiculous. I blog, I post on blogs, and I follow blogs. No one follows mine. I don’t request that people do, I don’t request that they comment, or check out my twitter either. Isn’t there etiquitte?

I only comment or follow blogs that I’m interested in, or that were thought provoking at the time (I’ve un-followed a lot that’s for sure) and I came across yours from 20sb. I figured I’d read the post to see if I do the things you mentioned, which I sure hope I never do!

Sorry you have to deal with that :/ no fun!

I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of that – I have no idea how I manage to avoid it completely!

My advice is to follow Michael Inman’s (creator of the Oatmeal comic) example: (see Just block everyone who bothers you. And if they make a public statement about you that’s bad and misinformed, then you put this post in the spotlight.

As if demanding a follow back wasn’t enough, I can’t believe someone had the audacity to correct your own blog name!

I just, I just can’t. Who the fuck e-mails someone to tell them “hey you’re not following me so I’m going to unfollow you.”? I have never once unfollowed someone because they weren’t following me. I followed them because they were interesting, not because I wanted something in return.

“Just thought you’d want to know that this is wro—*ROUND HOUSE KICK TO THE FACE*”

“Just thought you’d want to know that this is wro—*ROUND HOUSE KICK TO THE FACE*”

😀 And this is why we’re friends.

That blogger is incredibly… idiotic? I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with getting followed. I’ve ranted about 20sb because amateur bloggers were all about the numbers and not about the quality of their blogs and that is why I left – I didn’t want to be surrounded by follower hungry bloggers.

When it comes to comments…If I do get a comment that has absolutely nothing to do with the blog or if you can tell they’re just fishing for comments themselves, I just delete their URL. Simple as that.

I also like how 6birds is, screw that space in between.

AH! I’m on 20sb and BBN. I think that this is why I miss Skeletons so much; people on it mostly blogged, and they didn’t care about the numbers. 😡 Usually the bloggers who are all about the numbers have really poor sites, and that’s just. FGHDJNVHJKFD AGH. They treat me like I don’t know shit, so I don’t exactly take them seriously. (Oops?)