Stir Crazy

I’ve been reorganizing a blog for long hours at a time. If I were a Sim, I would likely have that ‘Stir Crazy’ moodlet. I’m even bursting into laughter over the most non-hilarious things possible.

But it’s gotta get done — it has to get done. I’ll, like, direct you all to it to show off all the stuffs once it’s finished so you can see and whatnot, but geez. I’m just doing this, all the while wondering if others could spend as much time working on a blog at once.

About six hours, mostly between midnight and dawn, at a time is going into this. But it has to get done — if I just stop, I won’t really stay motivated. If I stop, I’ll go into the I-wish-this-was-finished-already mode.

Like, I’m almost done.

And before anyone worries about me needing more physical activity: I don’t stay still whilst I do computer stuffs. I stretch, all that jazz.

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