Stop + Erase

You know what I’m about to talk about.

Everyone wants more of it, no matter how much they say they don’t. It’s that I-gotta-have-it-it-just-feels-so-good-to-be-a-part-of-please-include-me-in-on-it matter: drama.

I dislike getting into things, however lately there has been a lot of crap on Twitter lately, and I just don’t care about it all that much. No, this kind of drama that carries on for days and days does not tickle my fancy – instead, it fills my cup of tea[1. I strongly dislike tea. Except for green tea, but that isn’t what we’re talking about.] to the point that it is overflowing, and I can’t seem to drink all of it up. It’s not ending. Why won’t it end?


They just gotta have it, can’t live without it, can’t move on from it!

This blogging world needs more straight guy bloggers[2. I included straight, because the gay guy bloggers tend to join in on the drama, too, and it’s just … ugh.], but they are so hard to find! D:

Like Stephanie, I’m not too fond of [befriending] girls.

These backstabbing, heartbreaking, chatterbox waste-your-minutes phone talkers drive me nuts.

But I do enjoy reading some of their tweets.

There’s just a time when some dramatic miscellanies need to be put to rest and let go. There’s a time when opinions need to be kept to yourself. There’s a time when Twitter needs to go back to being drama free.

Does any of this make sense at all?

I don’t feel like tweeting as much anymore because all of my Tweetarians[3. The tweeters that I follow] are fighting with each other. It’s not necessarily going “viral”, so to speak – it just keeps spreading.

There’s always at least two sides to a story, but only one side gets to talk while one side doesn’t even get to share their side.

Negative feedback is fine, however if you’re a part of this mess, I don’t want any name calling, cursing, etc. Just be mature [young] adults, and don’t get mad if I don’t tweet as much. Because until this ends, I don’t care to be a part of it. -.-

I’m not signing the petition because 1) I don’t know what happened for sure, and 2) what is the petition going prove? I’m keeping my opinions to myself on this one, even though I have so much to say.

Thanks for reading. I won’t be online much this week.

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[…] Stop & Erase – I have to love this one. Why? Because of one paragraph. “Everyone wants more of it, no matter how much they say they don’t. It’s that I-gotta-have-it-it-just-feels-so-good-to-be-a-part-of-please-include-me-in-on-it matter: drama.” I love that. I just can’t get enough of the sentence with the dashes… Do you know how long it took me to come up with that, or to make the wording fit together and make sense – or what about to type it up?!?!?! Yeah, I kept screwing up the dashes, you know? In the end, I only hit “publish” because I really liked that one phrase… If it weren’t for that, then I would have posted this entry at a later date – after all the hype and the fuss. […]

For the record, I actually stopped anything regarding the petition after the first day because Rewind gave up because of it and I wanted to end on somewhat good terms. Ever since, I’VE been getting hate mail, spam and insults from somebody that’s close to them or something. I’ve since ignored it but it’s immature on their part that they think spam is really going to do anything. You should see some of the emails I’ve been getting; it’s harassment is what it is.

I wasn’t really wanting to know anything more about this other than what I’ve seen on Twitter and various tweets between others aside from you.


For the record, I don’t have any care in the world for this festival of tweets.

No offense.

I just spent ten minutes reading through your posts I missed in the past week. 🙂 I hope you’ve been alright, I know you’ll read this eventually, but take your time getting back to comments and everything. hugs

I don’t like girls (generally, haha). I was having a talk to my mum about it recently. All my friends, save one, are guys. I have just one girl friend and it might just be that we’ve known each other for almost nine years that we get along well and don’t fight or anything. And it’s not that I fight with girls but it’s like I’m so different that they don’t even want to know me. And there are quite a few that start drama and the thing to do is to avoid it. I try avoiding it as much as I can, because I know getting involved will get me into heaps of trouble, as it has done in the past – and both online and offline.

I know some male bloggers but they’re just my friends… who eventually stopped blogging because they didn’t have an interest in it anymore. I love my guy friends though; I’ve tried converting a few of them to blogging but they haven’t quite kept in it. 😛

I don’t read many tweets on Twitter anymore, unless I’m very bored or if I am close to certain people (that’s what I use my lists for). Way too much drama goes on, people need to calm down. If it doesn’t concern me… then I ought not to butt in. ^_^;


Thanks. :3 I’ve been replying to comments via this way a lot – it’s easier for me whenever I’m in a hurry, or even whenever I’m not really in the mood to read much (like right now, I’m exhausted). It’s a lot easier because my comments don’t pile up. Whenever I get better, though, I’ll reply like I used to. I just don’t have a lot of time right now, and this whole process sort of exhausts me altogether. 🙁 hugs back

Yeah, I try to stay out of things. 🙁 Unless someone makes me really mad about it. :/

I’ve tried converting a few of my friends to blogging, too, but it didn’t really work. My now fourteen year old brother wants to start blogging, but that all depends on whether it’s okay with our mom, because he’s still young, and I don’t want to make her upset. D:

I only butt in to defend a friend of mine – but I didn’t to this mess. I was just … sort of dragged in. 😐

P.S. Thanks for reading my other entries! <3

I don’t know much about Twitter, but ideally, Twitter and Facebook would be able to identify an online conversation through a wall or through a ton of @ messages and have a mute button – Gmail has a similar feature that I’ve used for email flame wars that go on in my house. However, from a couple quick Google searches, it doesn’t look like Twitter has such a feature.


Nope. 🙁 Blah.

It’s just so frustrating. I eventually just … ignored it, didn’t do much on Twitter, etc.

Like, I don’t care to hear about it – at all – but it keeps going. Even if the whole petition crap is gone and over now, the drama is still floating about. All of the stuff everyone was creating the drama over is in the hosting company’s TOS. They were supposed to read it first. The TOS is exactly like the hosting ‘contract’, and it can be changed over time, as it states in the first few paragraphs.