Strength does not have to be physical; it can be emotional; it can be mental.

Strength comes from the heart – it is not on the outside of a person, therefore it does not have to be seen on the outside of a person.

Strength does not exclude crying, breaking down or hurting – a strong person can cry, break down and hurt.

Strength does not exclude fear; a strong person can have fear and be afraid – admitting their afraid or that they are afraid is what makes them stronger.

Strength is not determined by gender, age or race; it is determined by what one has gone through, what one has experienced and what one can do.

Strength can be found in the heart, soul, mind, body and words.

If what doesn’t kill a person only makes a person stronger, strength is determined by one’s obstacles.

Strength can be determined by one’s goals and whether or not they have accomplished them.

Strength can be determined by talent – whether in a sport, subject, hobby or other activity.

Everyone is strong; it simply depends on how they look at the word and what they think it means.

What do you think it means?

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Liz — This is beautiful!! You should go and visit Zeenat’s site to learn about a series she started called,
Random Acts of Kick Arse (ROAKA). In this series, they publish a post on the first Wednesday of each month based on a word.

Their latest word was “simplicity.” All you have to do is write the post whatever word is selected for the month. I believe Zeenat can tell what word is selected for next month. If you’re interested, either click or copy and past this link:

Strength comes from the mind and the heart. Or it can also be interpreted as a physical condition. πŸ˜›

What you said, is too true! I couldn`t agree more :}

Everyone is strong. Whether it is metaphorically or literally speaking! ^__^

Driver’s ed is boring :/. You basically know it all beforehand if you are on the road a lot :O!!

My room is messy from time to time. Like right now, because my mom stacked like folded towels in my room instead of putting it in the bathroom. Or the kittens playing then they pull on some things off the shelf :P!

I quit band because of the idiotic leadership cliche there. It`s like… I have better things to do rather than standing there letting myself getting insulted. :O!

I personally think crying makes a person emotionally stronger. If you don’t cry than you are obviously an emotionless tard. Just my opinion.


I try to hold back from crying, too, though. I don’t like crying. πŸ™ It makes my allergies go crazy, I wake up with a sore throat and my tummy hurt.

I believe that it’s possible that everyone is strong in some facet, but weak in others. And sometimes these facets contradict one another. Sometimes I would consider the ability to cry stronger than the ability to not cry. In other situations I feel that the ability to not cry makes one stronger. Basically, it’s complicated and depends.

The phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” … I wish that were true 100% of the time. For physical injuries, it is certainly not true. Could it make you stronger in spirit? Perhaps.

You know, I agree with you. This blog post also inspired me to be stronger than I already am. It makes me think – I have gone through a lot and experienced a lot. Things that hurt me have not killed me but made me more resistant and strong. It actually makes me determined. I could go through so much more and still come out alive. <3

Thank you for writing this blog. I might not have my own sure definition of strength but I believe I am strong. I know you've been through a lot as well and I really hope everything gets better for you too. We're both strong. hugs

"Olive juice" too! I had no idea. πŸ˜›

I actually spend more time working on my websites than on any social networking website or forum. I'm always trying to design something new, or I'm returning comments and such.

I thought Obama is able to but he has some restrictions as to when/why/etc. I'm sure he wouldn't just do it like that, unless in a real emergency. Apparently the news is kind of old. I don't know where I stand, he's not the leader of my country anyway. XD

What the?! I mean, I know some people read in the toilet, take their phones with them and reply to texts, but to take your whole laptop is a bit extreme. Just do your business (which should only take less than ten minutes) and GTFO… then get back to your laptop. LOL. 😐

My mum has. She's beat me and hit my head many times. I can't even remember when it started. She gets angry about the smallest things. Even if I forget to put the dishes away one night, she just has the need to hit my head or kick me, even.

My mum and I have many problems. She seems to get angry at little things, and sometimes I cannot stand her attention to every detail. I don't want the wrong people finding out about what I write either… and my cousins follow me on Twitter so they can probably see my posts and things.

But really, I feel like we have been through even similar things. If you need anything, please shoot me an email. <3

I used to write too and do a lot of things like art and drawing… but after starting university I found myself using the internet more. :S

That's a shame you have carpal tunnel. πŸ™ I don't know what I have, but a few years ago my hand was in a serious condition after I wrote a lot with it (five hours of exams writing essays) and it blew up to twice its size. It has always been painful to use too much since then, which is why I try using my other hand more often.