Stress + Love

Aside from having comments build up and up and up because I have been neglecting my blog to its fullest potential, the WWW and I have been doing well together. Dashes (a remake of Lounge 11) TCG is coming along quite well, I have been contemplating making a complete TCG guide for newbies (for both players and creators), Wild Ones is an awesome game consisting of killing puppies[1. If you don’t play it, you won’t understand what I’m talking about, and you will think I’m literally killing puppies when I’m really killing other players – which doesn’t make this sound any better, so just go play it. I think it’s on Facebook, too.] and The Guild has become my newest obsession series-wise. I think I’m more like Codex/Syd because Syd is a spazz off the game/in real life, but Codex is confident online and on the game.

Also, if you like the childhood games Tag and Hide-and-Seek, Jeff Lewis has a hilarious 5-minute video on YouTube[2. It has some profanity.]. The girl isn’t in The Guild (that I know of), but everyone else (the other three) in the video is.

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with the title, well… I can’t exactly answer that. I love these, though, because they’re great for coping with stressful situations and whatnot. Sometimes I just need a little comedy, a little anger management and a little creativity to help me along the way.

What do you love?

I’ve been doing some website maintenance, too, by the way, and I have decided to move the beehive to its own cPanel without WordPress (to use PHP instead). So I can manage things easier. :]

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Hmm. Right not I’m in love with writing, mostly offline. We could also call this ranting, because it’s the same thing over and over, it seems. And sleeping. I guess everything comes in periods, it’s just what you need at that very moment of time in your life.