Study resources + tips for high school exams

I ran today. Even if it was to the mailbox (at the end of the driveway), I ran. I’m out of shape. 🙁 I need to start walking daily. >.>

Anyway, it seems like a lot of people have exams/finals they can’t find the time to study for or are afraid they will fail the test – no matter how hard they study. Maybe these tips and tricks will help you?

Keep in mind that, for some of the following, it helps to have at least one other person.


  • Whether you are solving for x or another variable, check your solution by solving the equation backwards using the answer(s) you received for said variable(s). By doing it twice and knowing how to check your work, you are decreasing the chances of that problem from receiving an incorrect mark.
  • ABC Teach has various worksheets for Middle School/Junior High that are great for practice and/or review.


  • Spark Notes was extremely useful to me in high school. It holds study guides for many novels, prose pieces, poetry, literary terms, and more.
  • Take notes as you read, rewrite all of your notes in your own personal shorthand and/or using a highlighter, highlight the key points of your notes.
  • After reading the book, if it is a movie, watch the movie and pay attention to the differences it has. Compare and contrast on a sheet of notebook paper, and then compare your movie notes to your book notes. Notice the difference, and pay attention to the details.

Social Studies

  • Research movies that relate to your current studies. Watch them, or simply read what they are about. Who knows? They may help you understand the lesson/unit more. 😉


  • Surf the web for experiments/practice worksheets, and then use what you find as your personal study guide.
  • Cheesy experiments tend to be the most memorable!

I hope this helps. 🙂

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Liz —

Well, no school finals for me…just life exams. Unfortunately, as you get older you don’t really ever quit “school.” It morphs into the “school of life.”:~)

Hey, I love the picture. You’re making your site more of a home and I do enjoy watching you develop it:~)

Happy day to you!!

Very insightful tips. 🙂 As a teacher, I can tell you have developed a pretty efficient method there, and I’m glad you don’t put yourself under heavy stress every time an exam is approaching, but work on each subject anticipatively in order to give yourself the time to learn without anxieties. Very well done.

~ Ilila J.

Good tips. It’s always good to check your work in math. Some teachers (myself included) make students show their work, even on tests.

I have 3 exams after Christmas. College has got so damn hard!

I like your tips for studying. You’re right about science. I will always remember experiments where something went wrong or something really funny happened. I’m rubbish at experiments. I had a practical exam the other week and I failed 🙁

Aww… Thanks for thinking of us taking finals!

Sadly, once you start doing differential equations and science turns to math (literally…), some of those old tricks go down the hole and don’t quite work as well as they used to. Ah, well. I shall just be glad that I don’t do the humanities anymore and be happy. 😛