Subdomain Ideas?

First of all, I’d like to remind some people that I’m not stupid.

Second, I am in desperate need of a forum name for a forum I’m starting on Dehlu to host various TCG-related things (like for my TCGs, other TCGs if they wish, etc.).

I had Aijou (love in Japanese…right?) already; I want a different one.

Subdomains I already have:

  • play
  • create
  • share

Thought about:

  • connect
  • explore
  • community

However, I want something more memorable/stand out-ish.

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Comments on this post

The subdomain name and the site title don’t have to match. For example, many forums are put into a subdirectory called ‘forums’ and are then just called something else. sounds fine to me! You can always change the name of the site to “Aijou” or something else later.