Summer Changes That Might Become Permanent on 6birds

Advertising –

Also known as the plug section, located at the footer of this theme, will most likely be removed and only for people on my blogroll and/or I wish to advertise myself. I decided that it takes too much work to manage the advertisements. I don’t want to put so much time into advertising people on 6birds – that’s not what 6birds is about. Also, people seem to get mad/angry with me when I don’t comment back and forth with them. Sorry, I don’t like chatting via my blog!

Visitor Content –

I have been putting time and effort into some things that fall into content for visitors – I just don’t know if making a page for two resources would be worth it or not. I’ve made a list of domain names, and I have made a few 100px square icons from my photography. I just don’t know yet.

I also might create a “Resources” category and have visitor content there. Hmm. Who knows?

Photoblogging –

Keeping a plog seems like just as much work as the advertising does – I don’t want to take the time to manage that blog, too. So I’ll most likely be posting my photography on here. It just seems like a lot more work on my blog than I’d intended to have to use. Besides, I’m a big fan of having everything in one place! πŸ˜›

I’ll post a Wordless Wednesday in the morning (yes, I know it is 12:13 am). Good night!

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Comments on this post

I know you’re cleaning out your domains, and you mentioned it in your comment; so am I. I think that I’ll be getting rid of a few this month. Definitely going to cut down haha.

As for photoblogs, I love keeping mine separate from my normal blog but I’m not going to update every day like I used to. It’s a bit too much trouble and I’d much rather post whenever I have new pictures.

I’m not really focused on visitor content anymore. A couple of themes and tutorials come every now and then, but that’s it. I have yet to update my site names page… haven’t checked that in a while either. πŸ˜›

I like this theme, it’s nice and simple. πŸ™‚ Good luck with your site changes!

That’s all okay. Remember when I had subdomains to my domain? They all went poof for the same reason your stuff is all going poof.

To me, blogging is about putting up content. It’s not about chatting. That’s what instant messaging is for.

Well, I can agree with you on one point, handling advertising and such is a LOT of work and can get very time consuming. x.x Its nice to have, but if you have to be really dedicated to it and be able to apply the time it takes to manage. I gave it up too because it was just too much work. I just didn’t have the time to manage it anymore and didn’t think it was worth it. Now I only advertise those I want or if I have to because I’m advertised elsewhere. So people can no longer apply for advertising.

As for visitor contest. I would say make a page or something for it. Categories or posts can be very frustrating for visitors. I know I go to a site and if I have to struggle to find the visitor content because its in a post or category, I just give up and leave angry. So I would say keep it all under the pages.

For photoblogging. I have a photoblog and its actually not that hard to keep up with. Though I haven’t been very active with it recently, its not that because its hard or anything, its just that I’ve been lazy. Photoblogging and having another site for your photos isn’t hard. It also really depends on how often you want to post a photoblog post. If you do it often, then you may really want another site rather then to put it here. Otheriwse, the photos will over take and push down your actual blog posts and no one wants that! πŸ™

So those are just some things to consider. πŸ™‚ Good luck! πŸ˜€

By the way, whats’ Wordless Wednesday? O.o


Oh – Wordless Wednesday is to where you post a picture on an entry, title it, and hit ‘publish’. Some people add words, but I think the words take away from Wordless Wednesday and the true meaning of Wordless Wednesday, you know? It makes it more of Worded Wednesday. Ahahh.

Anyway, I did post a Wordless Wednesday. πŸ˜›

Okay good because this sounds super serious, hope you feel better. /please
I practically gave up on content for my site, i just don’t feel like it. Maybe i’ll make a premade for something but as for now i’m just not into it.