Sunella, an adapted nut-free Nutella recipe

Sunella Recipe

I found a nut-free Nutella recipe. Only it isn’t completely nut-free. When speaking produce, coconut is a fruit. When speaking allergies, coconut is in the tree nut family with a possibility of being an allergen just as much as another tree nut. I also noticed the use of maple syrup or agave or honey, and I realized it isn’t maple allergy-friendly, either. There are other options, but what about for the mom who sees it and uses coconut oil, thinking it’s just a fruit despite its suffix, for the batch going to her son’s first grade class for their end-of-the-year party where a little girl has a nut allergy and has a reaction to this “nut-free” Nutella? If I was that mom, I would be in shock and tearing apart my head trying to remember where I went wrong.

Before I was diagnosed with all my allergies, I had no idea how serious they could be or what was what in food and in ingredients. Without my research, I would probably still be thinking that maltodextrin is malt. Pft. (It’s not.)


  • 2 c Sunbutter[1. You can also make your own sunflower seed butter by following the original recipe’s instructions.
    Also: I had a little under 2 cups AND I mixed the rest of the creamy Sunbutter and crunchy Sunbutter I had. Now I can use the unopened jar and not worry about these others expiring (since I have other recipes to make now).]
  • 1½Tbs pure vanilla extract (1 Tbs if Mexican vanilla)
  • ¼ c cocoa powder
  • ¼ c + 3 Tbs honey[2. For the honey, try to use local honey if you have a pollen allergy.]
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2-3 tsp vegetable oil — I should have used 3 tsp
  • ½ c milk — as per your allergies’ needs


By having Sunbutter on hand (it needs to be used considering I’ve got three stocked up), it cuts down two steps, making it a super-easy (just how I like it!) and quick recipe. It makes a little over two cups.

  1. Blend ingredients together until well-blended into a smooth and creamy texture.
  2. Store in an airtight container for up to 30 days in the refrigerator. I stored mine in one of the Sunbutter containers leftover. 😀

It’s now listed on the Sunbutter website.

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I used to be allergic to coconuts, so when people asked me if I was allergic to any nuts I would tell them that. 😛

Speaking of Nutella, I honestly don’t know why everyone likes it so much. It’s just like chocolate… and people put chunkloads of it on their sandwiches. I can’t see how that could be healthy. But this nut-free one looks a lot better and seems to use much better ingredients!

[…] as they once were1 — and eventually found my mug recipe book. I also watched more Heroes and made Sunella. Tuesday I had therapy and allergy shots to do (Charlise took me); I fell asleep when I got home […]

Wow that looks yummy:~) Thanks for warnings, as well. I have to careful about nuts, but not because of allergies, but rather kidney stones. What’s really bad is I love all kinds of nuts, even some people:~)

That does look awesome. 😀 *dribble*

that looks great!
I wonder if it would work with an alternative milk, such as flax or soy (though would soy be another allergen?)

Yeah! It can be whichever milk one prefers — soy, flax, goat, hemp, rice, etc. I just used dairy because I’m allergic to soy milk (I start itching everywhere and would rather face the milk allergy and lactose intolerance side effects instead of itching constantly.