A young teenage girl lost her arm whilst on her surf board in Kauai, Hawaii to a shark.

It’s unreal.

And yet teens everyday complain about how they have to (and don’t want to) go to school. You have to go to school, and you can’t really get out of it. Sitting in a classroom – or eight – for eight hours cannot be as bad as having your arm bitten off by a shark. Or anything.

To feel like you can’t do something because of an extreme event is a horrible feeling. Not fitting in doesn’t compare fully; it only compares a little.

  • Acting like I’m happy doesn’t feel unreal.
  • Being bullied doesn’t feel unreal.
  • Cutting doesn’t feel unreal.
  • (Thoughts about) Dying and death feels unreal.
  • Exercising doesn’t feel worse than school or unreal.
  • Feeling forgotten feels unreal.

I could go on, but I don’t want to skip a letter (letter g stumped my toe).

Whether you believe life gives you lemons or waves, it’s up to you to set out to make it become all that it can be.

There’s always going to be something sour – and something even more sour than that as the lemon or wave progresses.

It’s like a feeling of helplessness, but Bethany Hamilton overcame it. I don’t care how cheesy or lame I’m sounding. I really liked Soul Surfer a lot.

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Hey! I actually saw that movie.
I don’t watch many movies, but this was one that my friend and I went to go see during one of our girl’s night out. What Bethany had to go through was truly unreal. I agree, there are many people out there (not just teens) who take things for granted. I’m one of those people at times. Not going to lie though, I always look forward to going back to school! You can tell I’m one of those cool kids. lol
As for your “g” problem. How about something that starts with “giving” or maybe “going the distance?” Ah, my lack of creativity pains me. :/