The Almost Tragic Event

I almost missed today. I want in pain[1. Ovarian cyst.] earlier today but I figured that if I took half of a 500mg Hydrocodone pill that I could still go to church instead of pretty much being on bed rest for the day.

Worst. Thought/idea. Ever.

I went to church, found out Charan and Mark were also going to Genghis Grill, love that place, thought it was only in a few places – apparently it sprouted up in more cities – Hydrocodone kicked in AT church, followed me all the way until I arrived home. Already I was aware of the side effects, but I keep missing church – and I’m stubborn – and if I would have stayed then I would have practically been on bed rest for the day. Those of you who [maybe] have the impression that I LIKE being in such a situation/position, I DON’T.

If this is what a hangover feels like, then I don’t want it. I really don’t. It’s too much. Headache, just… I’m groggy. I also have nightmares when I’m on this crap. I slept seven hours, which 7/8 of what I slept today. Thankfully I woke up with a few hours left of the night to post this for you guys since I couldn’t whip up a quality post earlier.

Another thing I’m thankful for: not eating that half peanut that I found in my sesame seeds at lunch today! I picked it up and placed it on Charan’s napkin. I’m itchy all over, but if I had eaten it as well, I’d also be having terrible chest pains and a hard time breathing. Wonderful, right?

…I’m just glad I noticed it before it was too late!

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A hangover sucks, but for me, it’s not quite like that. I just feel dizzy and disoriented. Wouldn’t say that I had a headache, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other people got headaches when they got hangovers. I also don’t think that alcohol hangovers come with nightmares. Hopefully, the doctors will do something soon, and you can stop taking hydrocodone soon!