The Collar

Yesterday I bought Todd a red collar from Wal-Mart. So far, he has scratched it off twice – both times when I was unavilable (i.e. sleeping and out of the house).

Taken 12/15/10

I tucked it under rather than putting it through the silver buckle, and hopefully this time he cannot scratch it off. Todd is going to learn to wear his collar. I am sure that pretty soon he won’t even notice its existence! 😀

Anyway, I think it was the part of the collar that was merely hanging out that irritated him more than anything.

Sorry about the picture; it was taken from my phone. o.o

I may blog again today, or maybe I will wait and blog tomorrow.

‘Till next time…

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Soph @

Maybe cut off the slack that isn’t needed on the collar? If it’s a nylon collar (which it looks like) you can use a lighter to burn the cut off edge so it doesn’t fray and then it won’t bother him and you won’t need to tuck anything in. 🙂

I need to get my animals new collars. I like the thicker collars, which my cats seem to have a harder time getting off. 😛

Nice collar! I am sure Todd will get used to it. Not that I have much experience in the pet section, I am just saying.

I don’t know. The end of the year usually makes me nostalgic. Another year gone and nothing worthwhile done. Time passes so fast sometimes. I am going to turn 17 next year. 17. Woah.

I think its better to be opinionated and state them rather than agreeing with everybody else.
You’re right, but its important to not listen to such people. They are just concerned with bringing you down, and though their comments might affect us sometimes, in the long run, they don’t really matter.

I am going to ask Georgina about the smileys. I want to see (read) the story. 🙂

Cute collar!! 🙂

Naw…! Aren’t cats cute? I love how disobedience in animals is considered cute sometimes.

Anyways, I finished that survey in about 10-15 minutes. I didn’t put that much thought to it, but you guys are definitely guessing the person that I try to be out of it.

Lol Todd is freeing himself of the bindings! Is that a bell on the collar by chance? or just some lil charm? My ex used to have two cats that didn’t get along with each other so instead of separating them she put bells on their collars kinda like a little “warning system” and it actually seemed to work. Though it really puts a damper on the sneakiness if you ask me. My cat doesn’t and has never worn a collar so I am not exactly sure how she would respond to it. Maybe I’ll tie her a collar out of hemp in the next day or two and see how it works out. 🙂