The Food Chain of Humanity

I’ve tried to start this post many, many times. Each time, I just erase the beginning of it mentally. Because I’ve attempted to write it out mentally. Each time, I feel as though the first portion of this entry doesn’t justify the topic I want to talk about. And that annoys me. So here I am, typing away and hoping that my diction adequately argues my case for me.

Although I have kind of blogged about this before, I haven’t actually gone into detail. I don’t exactly read a lot of blogs run by people who are religious [that I know of], but I feel as if my point is something that desperately needs to be taken into consideration:

If God makes no mistakes, why should I pray that he takes away something that he gave me? Why should YOU pray? If he has a plan for me, and he knew that this would happen, why should ANYONE pray that he changes it? I’m not questioning God himself; I’m questioning the religious people who give me the impression that they believe there is a perfect description of what someone who believes looks and acts like inside and out.

I feel like I see the ignorant people. Over the years, I’ve slowly been able to see more and more people who are horrendously ignorant. Ignorance is rude and ridiculous.

I was shunned away from people at CHURCH because of my mental health. Although I’d like for it to go away, I don’t want it to go away if it’s what society wants me to want.

Contrary to what some may argue, society’s opinion of marriage equality and mental illness/diseases/etc. are a bit more similar in the start of the food chain than others would like to admit. We are both at the bottom unless we have also fought in war, battled cancer, saved someone else, etc. Whether this makes me ignorant or selfish or rude, I really despise how society treats someone with cancer/battling cancer as if they have more value than I do. Why can’t we all be equal individuals?

I think it’s because so many churches encourage the hate. They say that God loves everyone, but then they go and shun and treat differently everyone who is different and doesn’t believe in the same things. It starts with encouraging hate, which then leads to people taking their interpretations of the Bible and using it to defend their hate, and it continues and continues to build more and more levels on the food chain of humanity. And much of society treats anyone else who is different in that way just the same.

Why should I pray to be changed just because you think that I am the Devil’s spawn because my mental state doesn’t meet the invisible requirements for the “norm”? Why should I pray to be changed just because you have so much hate and disgust for something about me? See? It starts with hate, and that is the problem with so many things today.

And to prevent any uncertainties about it: I do believe in God and Jesus, follow them and support marriage equality and equal rights. I do it, because I believe that the rights I have are called human rights, and said rights should not be distributed based on someone’s gender, sexual orientation, race, color, mental state, personality, etc.

There shouldn’t be a food chain for humans.

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I agree with the above comment that there are plenty of Christians whom you would get on with well. I went to a church in NYC about a month ago and it was beautifully accepting of everyone and wanted to help everyone and offered free counselling and I would bet good money that their counselling is far more along the lines of listening and questioning, rather than diagnosing karma-issues or declaring anything “BAD.” You just need to find yourself a new place to inhabit!

To put it in the words that my Christian friends use: “God loves everyone. We just love everyone as ourselves, no matter what creed, orientation, …” You’re more like a Californian Christian or a New England Christian.

And the next thing they say is “God is perfect, but we do not understand the ways in which he works. So we should not question what he does.” (Personally, this is why I cannot accept Christianity as my own religion.) Which means that their religion cannot be questioned, but despite that, they still try to accept everyone, even the homeless with mental illnesses. You’re a much better Christian than the people around you. They should all go talk to some New England Congregationalists and have a wake-up call!

I think I’ve told you this before, but I was told by my religions professor that the reason why I had AVMs was because I had bad karma. At least I guess those people think that battling cancer and other diseases are “good” instead that you were a terrible person, so you got such and such disease as a “punishment.”

I’ve never thought of this whole leveling as a “food chain,” but I guess it’s something like it. I kind of see it as a “caste” or “class” dependent on how “worthy” you are. 5 points if you are a cancer survivor. 5 points if you are an olympic athelete. 5 points if you’ve gone to an IVY League school. 10 points if you are a doctor.
Obviously, mental illness is never in the equation of getting brownie points because it’s all in our heads.

You make some pretty good points there. Uber religious people drive me crazy too and I can see how they could be viewed at hypocritical. I think religion is okay when people don’t force their beliefs on other people. You need to have something to believe in to keep you sane now and then. But people need to respect that other people don’t live the same way as they do and that’s alright.