The Pros & Cons of Sharing My Blog

I’m unsure of whether my mom and/or lard still read my blogs. I don’t think my oldest (younger) brother ever actually did, even though he commented it. If he did, then it had to have been only because he overheard about it or was told about it. However, the only person I know of on my dad’s side of the family that I can actually talk to about my blogging with is Charan – and it’s rather nice. I’ve tried to get my dad to read them, and I got another aunt to read a few of them, but this failed quite miserably.

I think that bloggers have a personal choice of sharing their blog with others offline. One blogger I know blocks their parents’ IP address whilst another blogger posts to Facebook every single one of their posts. It’s a “to each their own” kind of thing. I’m not sure if I’d like to have all of my family and offline friends knowing of my blog, however, because I spill my heart into it. I write posts, sometimes risky posts, but I share my thoughts. Those who read my blog and continue to follow me on my journey have the ability to share with me a special bond that people offline may never receive the chance to share. Thus, I’m not sure if I like that. I wish that people offline would take the time to read my blogs – I wish my dad would – because I feel as though they would have a better understanding of me as Liza, not Sarah, and who I am. Maybe they would support me a little more if they knew this side of me.

With this epiphany I have realized that there are pros and cons to this, even though it’s just sharing your blog’s URL with a person who may never even visit it for the first time.

Pros (7)

Cons (9)

  • They can better understand me
  • They’ll be able to know how certain things make me feel, what my struggles are, HOW I FEEL ABOUT THINGS
  • They missed out on my life a lot; they can get to know me, who I am, and why I am the way I am
  • Learn about who I am, why I am, how I am – basically everything that would be necessary to know before they make assumptions
  • Learn what aggravates me
  • Learn how I feel about various matters, and hopefully be okay with that
  • Maybe I’d have less stress?
  • May take what I say personally, to the extreme, etc.
  • Venting, rants & confessions may be taken literally & assume I’m going to hurt myself no matter what I say
  • May think I spend every waking hour doing blog-related and website-related shit
  • They may take something I say and assume OTHER things
  • They may want to talk to me about my blogs, try to change my views and/or beliefs, etc.
  • A lot of people find blogging weird
  • May think I need to spend my time better, even though blogging is therapeutic
  • I curse in my blog now. It’s mild, but still…
  • Access to finding my Twitter

Basically, sharing my blog to offline people comes with people thinking and assuming more things about me. It’s like this never ending thing, yet I also find it to be something that could very possibly help make at least some things slightly better and/or easier.

Do you share your blog? What are some pros & cons for you?

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Honestly, I think the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. At leat for me, But. But. But…if you’re the kind of blogger who likes to be really personal and deep in their entire, I think it’d be better to keep it privy. Some topics might be too personal, TMI or awkward.

@tiff, entry* (i can’t spell!)

That’s a good list of pros and cons. I hadn’t thought of breaking it down like that. For me, I prefer if offline people don’t find my blog, but mainly because I feel awkward about it. I also agree with your points about if they took it too personally or assume other things. I know that my blog isn’t hard to find if someone actually tries, so I just make sure I don’t post anything that could cause trouble if they do find it.

I started blogging back in secondary school about 10 years ago! I did start when I was about 12. At that time, internet and blogging was very new (okay…maybe not the internet) but blogging wasn’t common. I never told any of my real life friends, I felt blogging was something private and I didn’t want them to think of me as weird. I did tell my best friend who also joined me in the blogging scene.

Nowadays, everyone has a blog. Blogging is super common and it isn’t weird anymore. I guess I’ve stuck to my original habit of keeping my blog to myself and my online friends. Though some offline friends do know I blog, but I don’t think of any of remember the URL. I don’t post on Facebook or anything…I was thinking that I should soon so my offline friends can keep up with my life. I don’t blog about thing particularly too private so it isn’t a big problem that my offline friends reads it.

Life is super busy for everyone now, we hardly have time to meet up or talk to each other really. Blogging is a great way to keep up to date with everyone…as well as checking out people’s Facebook profiles 😉

sharing my personal blog site is ok to me and that’s not a big issue to me because this is my way to express my feelings and write all the pain and problems i had. my blog is open to everyone specially to my family, my parents and to my husband.

sharing and telling to our relatives, friend and everyone about in our blog is our choice.

I know how you feel with your blog. I get that there are pros and cons, but once I started reading some of your past posts and after reading about your struggles. I think it is great that you are trying to share your blog with your family to have them understand you better. I struggle with some of the same things. I wish I was lucky like you and just had a few people in my family read my blog. I talk about it all the time and I check all the time to see if they have read any of it and they don’t and I wish they would so they could get me more.

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