still fangirling over @thekevinalves D:

I got Hope Fades up. The way I originally wanted it to look wouldn’t work. This one is kind of the same in that department, as the smaller the window gets, the bigger chance of the text disappearing (which means zero scrolling). It’s fine, though. It’s a lot more done than it was when I first started working on it. Next is Dehlu, as I’ve decided to no longer use WordPress for it. 6birds will be back online soon. 🙂

These last couple of days feel as though they are dragging. I have kind of lost ideas to blog about, and I don’t really even feel like blogging each day anymore – but it’s BEDA, and I decided to do this, so I need to at least complete it like I told myself I would. -.-

Nothing has happened lately. I’ve been getting out a lot of what I feel like saying on Twitter rather than in my blog, and I think that that may be the problem I am having currently. My posts have shrunk word count-wise, and I keep fangirling over how @thekevinalves keeps replying to me and retweeting me.[1. …HE READ MY BLOG. AND RETWEETED IT.] He’s done it like five or six times now. Is it okay that it actually kind of brightens my mood/day just a little bit? It’s probably nothing, but for me it’s currently working like a small pick me up in the midst of my PTSD and depression. I don’t DM him; 1) I think it’s be awkward, 2) he’s probably already got enough of those from the other followers, 3) I don’t want to do anything to cause him to stop following me because of me crossing the line, whatever the line and 3) I don’t want to annoy him. Besides, I wouldn’t know what to say.

I think I need help.

CanNOT wait until BEDA is over.

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Something like BEDA seems quite exhausting. I didn’t post for nearly a year, let alone having to do it every day 😛 I think I’d need to have a list of possible post options.
It could be interesting to do once every 6 months though.. hard but interesting.