Things people have said this year

Just random things that stuck with me.

This one is from a guy who’s normally sweet, but I can’t be sad around him at ALL, or even hate my life. It’s exhausting.

Person: Be happy. 🙁
Me: Ugh, it’s not easy.
Me: It’s called depression.
Person: Please don’t give me this speech again.
Me: And when you tell me I’m not allowed to be sad, etc., you make me hate myself more.
Person: Okay.
Me: I hear what you tell me from family all the time. .-.
Me: :'(
Me: Makes me not want to be around them.
Me: Ttyl.


Person: Well you were giving me that fucking speech where you compared me to your family once again and I’m sick and tired of everyone fucking comparing me to someone else. -.-
Me: You patronized my depression and I’m fucking sick of everyone doing that. -.-

My cousin and I having a random conversation in the living room one Sunday morning:

M: I’m a senior.
Me: Really? Wow. You make me feel like I’m old.
M: How old are you again?
Me: 22.
M: Yeah, that’s old.
M: Really old.
Me: Pft.

(She’s either 18 or she will be this [school] year.)

With a person:

Person: Stop being immature.
Me: I’m not being immature. You’re hurting me. I’m crying. There’s a difference.

In the ER:

Me: I’m used to going to the ER for ear infections and whatnot. This one is different from what I’m used to. It’s kind of like a Grey’s Anatomy episode, but I know hospitals aren’t like they are on TV shows.
Nurse: Hah. Definitely not. [rolls eyes]

I was referring to the way the “rooms” were set up.

Another time in that same bed with that same nurse (whom I disliked):

Nurse: (Something about fixing the blanket was said.)
Me: What?
Nurse: [walks over and fixes the blanket] Your underwear was showing.

In my defense, it was on my left side, where Grandmama was sitting. My dad was on my right side. So it wasn’t even like I was exposing myself intentionally, either. And those stupid hospital gowns aren’t that easy to figure out and monitor the location of on your body, especially when they’re paired with a warm blanket that’s covering you.

…and even then, unlike lard, my dad most likely would have just covered me up or something. And there were curtains surrounding my little “stall” thing.

I didn’t like my nurse because the way she inserted my IV was one of those uncomfortable ways that only makes anything and EVERYTHING they put into it something you’re able to feel. I asked to have it redone in the CT Scan room when they were trying to put in the iodine and I was in deep pain because of it, but they said:

It’s just put in in a strange way. It’ll be okay, it’ll just hurt a little.

I really wish I had said that I really hate pain, yada yada yada. Sometimes I wish I was important enough to get what I really wanted, but I’m also glad I’m not one of those OMG-she’s-so-and-so-who’s-so-important-you-have-to-make-her-feel-welcome-here people, because that’s when I see people for who they really are.

To prove not all are bad:

Sami: I love you because you’re sweet. You’re not afraid to be sensitive and you’re stronger than you think you are. You’ve stuck by me even though I was a total dick to you months ago and it just means a lot to me. I love talking to you, even if we don’t do it that often or long sometimes. There are some days where you’re the only person I want to talk to because I know you can make me feel better. You were there for me on my lowest night and I’ll always appreciate that.

What have people said to you this year?

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*kicks the bumheads in the face* :B

Ugh, sometimes nurses are more of an annoyance than anything helpful, I swear. I was in the triage being admitted to the emergency room for an infection (I’ll spare the details) and the man who was in triage was getting a little too personal with me. It was very embarrassing and I actually felt violated… what’s even worse is that if you complain, there’s a VERY slim chance of the hospital actually doing something about it right away. It sucks horribly, I am sorry the nurse made you feel uncomfortable and stuff.

I totally understand though, about people saying negative things towards depression, anxiety, disorders, you name it – I’ve heard it myself. People think we can just “get over it” and stuff, when really it’s either with us for life or it takes almost our entire life TO learn to live with and heal from it. Some people just don’t understand it’s not something that you can just “get over”.

I hope you have a lovely weekend <3

I’m sorry you’ve had such terrible help from nurses lately 🙁
And yeah, I probably wouldn’t talk to that person much anymore either. It bugs me when people try to devalue your feelings. Like, they’re MY feelings, let me feel them?