Things to say

For some reason I prepared myself to write a new post, busied myself, and then expected to be able to write up something worth posting.

I kind of have multiple things to post, and they don’t really go on Twitter because they’re a bit too long in thought. So I’m rambling.

Thus far tonight, I’ve helped Grandmama make dinner — which was breakfast — written a friend a letter and read some parts of Alex’s foster care story, which was a rather interesting read. The way she wrote her story made me wish that I’d divided some things up into pieces like that. It also sort of validated my desire to redo my abuse story in parts and pieces, or at least just make up a new summary in parts. Eventually I’ll publish a memoir thingy (yes, thingy) with my story in more detail, which will reveal some of the lesser mentioned happenings in my life. I just have to get it written. And I don’t really care what negative things people have to say about it considering it’s my life and my story to tell.

Earlier today I gave myself a tattoo on my right leg. Before I went to find something for dinner, I made a math game that I may release eventually since it’d be great for math teachers. …and maybe people who like Sudoku.

It’s supposed to get super cold tonight — 26°F. I really miss being in the country. I guess I miss it so much because I grew attached there. And then shit happened. Again. And I had to move.

I actually really hate how so much of my life is right now. I feels slightly crappier than it did right before I quit my last job.

Sigh. You know what I should make? A timeline of some kind for this blog specifically for referencing.

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