This is the last blog I’ll post from my room in Wills Point, AKA the middle of nowhere, and it’s kind of sad. I kind of have this homesicky feeling, and I don’t like it.

My feet hurt kind of really bad. They don’t hurt as much as my inner thighs do. I’ll take a picture tomorrow of my truck (I’ve already showered and I have lotion on my feet – keep reading!) and post it on my next entry, whenever that is. I’m doing this new thing (if you haven’t noticed) to where I blog whenever I feel like it, not caring if it’s according to any kind of schedule or not. But back to my thighs hurting and my truck…

Long story short, the porch was so wet, and the bottom piece (again, picture; come back tomorrow or sometime Sunday) was about two inches from the floor of the porch. I was too afraid to put my weight on it, so I stretched my bare foot across it and hoped it was stable enough on the wet wood. It wasn’t, and as I tried to put my weight on it, my foot continued to slide, and I did the splits. I’ve never done the splits, and I didn’t even get to stretch for that, so I’m hurting all over. I have more pictures to share by the way. I’ve been taking pictures of the process I’ve made. Although I’ve not taken one of the way it looks at the moment. I’m sorta done. I just have what’s visual. And then there’s trash. I figured I’d be nice and vacuum the floor, and make the bed (even if it’s just the fitting sheet and the top sheet, and I’m taking my pillows) as well. I gotta get up at about 5am. That’s my plan. That’s why I’m blogging now instead of after midnight-thirty[1. In my defense, there were some problems with the database with my host.]. I gotta get out of that habit. I’m planning to get up at 6:30 at the latest. Tomorrow morning I have to meet my dad at 9am in said city at said place (come on, stalkers are creepy and one might follow me). Mimi’s going to sort of “lead” me to said place since I’ve no idea of how to get there. The fact that I’ll be driving in high city traffic in less than twelve hours scares the hell out of me considering the fact that I also have driving anxiety extremely badly, and plans changed – thus meaning that no one is going to be in the truck with me whilst I’m driving. Unless my dad just happens to surprise me and have someone in it who could somehow possibly allow the original plans to continue – but I highly doubt that, because I know my dad quite well enough to know that he wouldn’t do something like that. 😛

[spoiler /About the lotion on my feet/ /Okay, got it/]
So anyway, with the lotion… When I first started selling Avon, I bought this “5 for $9.99” deal thing for Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual. It included body wash, a shower puff thing, body lotion and hand lotion. I think it was more than five pieces, though. Moving on, the replenishing body lotion is my overall favorite (the body wash was okay, but I prefer the Skin So Soft Original version of the body wash instead). I used it one night, and then the next day at work my hands were soft all freaking day (and because of it I had a hard time opening the bags and such). I realized it was easier to work with rough hands instead of soft hands. Plus I’m not used to my hands feeling that way. I’m not used to them being soft. But on my feet… I like my feet to be soft. ^^ I rub lotion into my feet until I can’t see it (about a quarter-sized drop per foot), then add another drop and rub it all over my feet (but still quite visible), add socks, and sit for about thirty minutes or so. It’s really nice, and they’re always so soft. ^^ It’s the only lotion I have been able to find that actually works and doesn’t make me break out or anything. I haven’t tried the Original version of it, but I really like this one. I haven’t run out yet, either. Also, I have another bottle of lotion in the Soft & Sensual, but it’s moisturizing lotion. :P[2. I can’t find a picture of it or the code, so I’ll have to dig around. Later I’ll take a picture of it, too, I guess. I think I saw it in the Outlet, or it’s just not on the website right now (which, if that’s the case, then great, just great). I figured I’d list out all my favorite products sometime later on. Haven’t decided yet. I think I’ll put it on a page, too, or something like that… I’m not trying to “advertise” it; I guess it’s just shameless plugging or something along those lines, but it’s just a something to blog about.[/spoiler]

Any who, my toenails are now brown. It’s definitely not what I expected it to look like. I think that if I had tanner skin then it would look better. Maybe I’ll just paint ’em blue or orange. Yeah, I bought funky colors. There was a sale. 😀

By the way, I can’t say I’m sorry my blogs are much longer these days. The length varies. To be honest, I like it.

Once my nails dry, I’m going to crash. I’m actually exhausted tonight. I sort of already feel “homesick”, too. D: The environment I’ll be staying at/in is completely different from the one I am in now.

I’m talking hardcore, old-fashioned Christian lifestyle. It’s complicated. I’m not going to stop blogging, though.

‘Till next time…

Oh. And unfortunately, I’m most likely never gonna get my Cars 2 DVD and books back from my mom’s house. I worked really hard for that Cars 2 DVD. It was my Christmas gift to myself. I watched it on the first of the year. It was about twenty dollars, and now I’ll most likely never see it again. I also have a lot of books – about one hundred dollars worth – there because Cody took a grocery bag full of books from my bookshelf expecting to find some dirty fictional novellas in there one night, and I didn’t feel like fighting with him. P: The bag included all but one of The Twilight Saga books. Remind me and stop me from trusting her in the future. Please? I need to learn to trust my instincts.


…Whilst trying to figure out a title for this, I was going to title it Bare Necessity, but apparently that’s not my nail polish color (it’s Vintage Boutique). OH. I BOUGHT THE WRONG ONE. NO WONDER it didn’t look right. Thanks, Outlet[3. Outlets display products they’re taking away, or something like that (even though they end up bringing them back in a couple of years, like Sweet Honesty, a fragrance I liked in high school..], really.

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