This isn’t a choice. There’s no on/off switch/button. This isn’t ‘just life’.

This is the fourth entry I am openly speaking about my depression in. It’s really difficult to talk publicly about, and honestly, it’s even more difficult to admit to being depressed – or even what I’m doing because of it. I’m depressed. This is making me an emotional wreck, a temper nutcase and admitting a super-personal detail about how I slipped up and couldn’t stop the negative thoughts and just literally wanted to die one night to a manager where I work didn’t at all help situations. I’m already paranoid about what people know, and I can’t help that at all. I don’t want to intentionally have to miss work – I already can’t afford to go to work, so how the hell can I afford to miss work? And now I feel embarrassed and scared that what I said is going to spread – it’s probably considered ‘hot gossip’ – like wildfire. Just because I’m not yet on medication and/or being hospitalized doesn’t mean that my problem is just minor. And then I’ve customers who want to talk about how their dog died[1. I snapped at her, but it just … happened. Hearing “died” and “dead” and things like that didn’t help me! (And I told said manager about that, too, before it even had a chance to become a complaint.)], complain about how something’s not working[2. In which made my patience go a short distance.] and/or tell me that even though I’m probably just against the world right now because I’m going through a ‘teen thing’ that I should SMILE and it’ll go away so easily.

Like it’s easy to continue faking it. Like I’m still strong. Like I’m just putting this all in my freaking head. And then anyone who asks me any question that I can’t quite answer (because I can’t concentrate to save my life[3. No unfunny pun intended] or remember much[4. I need insurance to have brain scans and testing done for a number of things. Long story.]) doesn’t/can’t/just won’t seem to understand that I can’t make my brain function right right now – no matter what I try, it’s just gonna do it’s own thing.

Faking my own happiness is what got me this low. Faking smiles and trying to be okay and hide it all is what got me here. I’ve gotten so bad that I’ve lost control of myself. I don’t like feeling this way. Anything can make me hate myself all over again. I don’t need a guilt trip for anything. I should not be asked any questions that choose what happens later and/or anything too serious/important for after I recover from this. I’m not going to tell you why I think you shouldn’t fire me. I hate myself already. You REALLY think asking me that is going to help? Or making me feel like I’m in trouble? Like it’s my fault my depression’s getting in the way? LIKE IT’S MY FAULT THAT IT IS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT/ACT UPON? Just say it. Just tell me I’m a ‘lost cause’ and that you think this is all in my head. I fucking dare you. In testing I show zero signs of bipolar disorder, but like any other depressed person just because I seem ‘okay’ or I smile/laugh for a few seconds definitely does not mean that I am ‘cured’. I can’t smile. I can’t do anything I used to be able to do. I’m trying. Does it not seem like I’m struggling so hard?

Stress is just making me feel more horrible. It’s making me even more stressed.

…and then at work the faith topic came up. I don’t have faith at the moment, and a couple of my coworkers made me feel even worse because I felt like I couldn’t look to God and/or get help from him. ‘No matter what, He’s there.’ Really? That still doesn’t make up for how I fucking FEEL.

I hate this. I’m probably losing my job for it – which would also mean that I embarrassed myself for nothing.

I’m blogging about this because I realized I cannot remember a lot of things anymore, hence why I need to keep some kind of thing that keeps track of happenings.

But is it possible for an almost twenty-one year old to have a heart attack from a lot of stress? My chest won’t stop hurting. That won’t kill me, will it? I know I’m having those thoughts, but it doesn’t mean I actually want it to happen! D: -.- I’m starting to become numb. And I can’t quit lashing out at people (ahem, Stephanie).

“And then Glen treats me like some four-year-old. I can’t believe you took his side!” -Clare

I know exactly how she feels. For once I feel like I’m not alone in feeling that way. Now the Degrassi series just needs a story line relating to depression. One that lasts more than a few episodes, maybe a season or so. (x)

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You might want to ask your psychiatrist about panic disorder as well if stress is causing you that much physical pain.

If you’re angry at me, please tell me what’s making you angry. I know that your depression is just there, and that it seems uncontrollable. I’ve been in that direction, though nowhere near as severely as you. It’s not fun. I want to help you, but perhaps I’m saying the wrong words at the wrong time.


I have really bad anxiety; he knows this. I’ve a history of anxiety attacks, actually.

🙁 I’m not angry with/at you — that’s the problem. D: But I don’t think I’m a good friend since I made my only offline friend nearby (who actually gave me the time of day) feel like he’s the worst friend because I just wanted to talk to him and he snapped at me, and then just made me feel like crap even more. I’m not angry with you; please don’t think that. I’m an emotional wreck. I’m trying really hard to control it all, but it’s just not working. I can hardly even concentrate on anything important/unimportant/everything.

;( I know how you feel and how? I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and for the longest time, I’ve been stuck in your position as well. I think I’ve lost my faith too and I’m not surprised.

Try to be honest with yourself and try not hide or fake anything anymore because it is only hurting you. It hurt me so badly when I did it then I stopped and I’ve being feeling better.

Also, don’t worry about others and what they say. Most of the time, they are ignorant about the topic of mental illness or even depression. Just try to be yourself.

I really do hope you feel better and find the strength in yourself no matter how long it takes. If you wanna talk, I’m here ;3

I feel like I haven’t read your blogs for ages. You were on hiatus for a while though.

I hate it when people say depression is just a teen thing. Yes teens get depressed at points but there’s a difference between serious and not serious. Sometimes the medication really is needed. I don’t want to rant too much about it because I don’t like openly talking about how I was depressed in the past.

From my experience I got help after I already messed up big time. If you have physical pains and things are becoming too bad for you, I really suggest looking towards help as longm as it’s not with Dr. My Mom.

I’m sorry I can’t offer much more advice on this because everyone’s situation is difference. Once again what the heck people are just gonna say it’s a teen thing?! IT’S NOT A TEEN THING MY GOD!

Aish sorry I’m ruining my comment. Hang in there Liz.