‘Tis the Season to be … Gifting?

The holidays toward the end of each year are not about the gifts or even the thought – they are about spending time together whether it be spent with family, with friends, or even with both. Though gifts are nice, that is not what the holiday season is all about. If big things come in small packages, why does everything have to be big, and why do so many people expect to receive this, that and those? It’s unnecessary, and though I am a bit bias on the receiving presents and giving gifts side, I still would rather have a Christmas more about spending time with family and friends rather than trying fit an entire bus load into my room.

First of all, who ever actually unwraps present after present to see they were gifted everything from their Christmas list? Although receiving everything from my Christmas list, something without mass given to me would be much more fulfilling than any material object. Aside from that, I don’t see the enjoyment in getting everything I asked for. Where is the surprise?

Second of all, both adults and children are the greediest during this time of year. Fighting over presents? Children acting mean/rude? IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE FREAKING PRESENTS!!!

Maybe I’m frustrated and taking this out on innocent people rather than the people who really are rude during this time. Oh, wait – they’re out shopping and probably fighting over the last [insert popular toy here] in said department store. Or maybe I’m feeling stressed because I don’t know when the Christmas get-together at my dad’s mom’s house is, and I feel like if I miss that this year, TOO (I missed the Thanksgiving dinner), that I will be looked down upon or something of the sort. This time of the year always stresses me out, and once again, I have a sore throat. I think I am getting sick again, and if so, it will be the second Christmas in a row that I have been sick close to/on/after Christmas.

The Christmas thing at my dad’s mom’s (I call her Grandmama) house is most likely tomorrow, but of course, if it is, I don’t have a way to get there in time. I’m babysitting for my mom tonight, and I already told her I would. Aside from that, I really don’t feel like going since I feel sick.

I want to say/wish that I want at least ONE Christmas to myself, but then that wouldn’t be any fun at all. I guess I just wish that my parents had never divorced, because maybe then I would not feel like I’m always being pulled in every different possible…

…But I don’t say/wish that because I am happy where I am now – I’m thankful for everything I have been through.

Maybe I’m tired of trying to be so freaking perfect for everyone. I can’t be happy all the time, you know?

I just don’t know what to do. I DON’T. Half of me wants to do nothing, and the other half of me wants me to do something. That something is cry. My throat hurts, I feel stressed, I want sleep…

School starts in January. I received my receipt for my grant money. It is for the Spring Semester (3/4 time). From the Federal Pell Grant I received $2082, and from the Federal ACG Grant I received $281. That’s one plus to today. ๐Ÿ™‚

sigh …I plan on blogging for a third time later today

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[…] and I are going to school on grant money – I received two (one was because I graduated secondary school within ten years), and she […]

Ugh. I try to get Christmas gifts for everyone, and am happy to receive gifts, especially those that I need, but dislike the greed that I see in some people. To me the gifting is an expression of generosity, but some kids really need a knock on the head sometimes.

It’s okay if you’re not happy all the time. Nobody is. I’m always told that it’s important that you live your own life. Part of your life will involve making other people happy. But if you start feeling like it burdens you down too often, then it’s time to stop.

Yes, holiday time can start to feel more about just getting and giving gifts, but this is my first Christmas away from my family and I realize how much I miss just being able to spend time with them all. It’s the only time of year that all the cousins and everyone CAN get together. That time should be cherished ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope you feel better soon! I hate Christmastime because of all the hype, and now it’s just becoming more commercialised. My family has NEVER been big on presents at any time of the year. I’ve just learned not to expect anything. It’s crazy how greedy some people get. Of course it’s okay to want things, but you should totally appreciate any gift that you get.

Giving doesn’t mean material, expensive and huge presents. You can give something that someone will remember and it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

I remember seeing the movie Jingle All The Way – crazy parents fighting over toys for their kids, trying to get the ‘best’ toys. It doesn’t mean their kids are going to love it, and if they know their parents are getting them the best toys of 2010 then that certainly isn’t a surprise.

I don’t make wishlists very often. There is usually nothing on it, at least – nothing that someone can buy for me. I put it up not to show people or show it off. I just want to share what I would like to get – I don’t expect people to buy what’s on it. It would be nice but I certainly do not expect it.

I’m sorry about that happening! ๐Ÿ™ That sounds really serious. My brother has a lot of nosebleeds when it’s hot. Pain sucks! ๐Ÿ™

I have tried eating apples alone! I had some cranberries today which I heard are good, and I ate even more prunes. It’s been helping. ๐Ÿ™‚

I might have eaten something that upset my stomach! :S I know I haven’t been eating as much fruit lately so I’m trying to slowly eat more.

Granted it is nice to give and receive gifts, I personally think the holiday has become less and less about spending time with your loved ones and more about going out blowing hard earned money or material junk. It’s quite sad to think about…

What are you going to major in when you go back to school?

I agree that Christmas isn’t just about presents, but I’m just used to giving something, even something little, to everyone important to me. I definitely agree it’s more important to spend time with your family and friends. Fighting over stuff during Christmas shopping is just for lunatics! If buying someone a present one should consider what the person would like rather than buying something expensive and showy.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and that you’re stressed over the holidays. Like you said in a previous comment, the same applies for me, if you need someone to talk to you can email me as well. =)

As if my mom would allow me to take a taxi all the way to the city alone. She’s super protective despite the fact I am almost 19 as I like to remind her all the time. And she’ll just remind me 19 is still a kid.

Yes those are extreme thoughts and I know you’re right, but when we’re not talking I’m not mad at her, she is my mom after all. But I can’t help but get pissed at her whenever she talks to me. Now that holidays are around the corner I hope she lightens up.