To BEDA or not to BEDA?

I have been contemplating on whether I should blog everyday in August. If so, then I could blog everyday in both April and August of next year, and make it a sort of bi-yearly thing, you know?

Not to mention how great WordPress would be for it. I mean, I can schedule posts, you know? So, I would always have a “backup plan” all planned out for myself – and my blog.

I’m not saying that I would fill it with memes. No – I would actually blog about things rather than posting some meme everyday. …I would get bored with that, actually.

I might, and I might not. If I do, most of the entries will be scheduled ones because I don’t want to get all burnt out on my blogging ideas, you know?

…Then again, school starts back up this autumn, and I plan on taking classes… I will most likely have something to talk about each day – unless I have a homework-filled mess to deal with!

To get my GPA back up, I’m only going to take two classes this time versus the three that I took before. This is also to avoid any ovarian cyst mess I had to deal with toward the end of the spring term this year. I mean, it could come back. I don’t feel like it’s gone yet, because this birth control crap[1. I was put on birth control in order to get rid of this cyst, but I keep having these horrid, severe side effects that keep me from doing even more than what I could do when I had merely the cyst minus the birth control.] is so horrible and beastly that I can’t take it anymore. It’s giving me more pains than my cyst did/does. I highly doubt I even want to try another kind after this pack. -.- I’m serious. I’ve never been more freaking serious about something like this in my entire life.

The side effects also apparently include depression, which would explain the reasoning behind why I can’t seem to bring myself up and out of this never ending pit I seem to have fallen into.

I’m also having major trouble sleeping. I hate it. Why did this have to happen to me? Something I never once expected to take in my entire life is what I am having to take right now. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

I suppose I’ll surprise you all with an answer when the month comes for this BEDA project, ya know?

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If you do BEDA, I hope you can do it. You can! 😀 <3 I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, my friend has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) – you're not the only one. And you're not alone, if you need anything I'm just an email away. 🙂

I like the fact that you can schedule posts for WordPress but I never used that function, save for a competition I had a couple of years ago. I don't think I have much to write about daily, which is why I blog every two days and that's enough for me, I cover everything I need to cover. I don't particularly like doing memes. I got over them not too long ago. I think that personally, having multiple blogs helps my head sort itself out.