Toasted Black Forest Ham on Honey Oat, please.

My mom took Carrie to the doctor today, and then back to school. I went with her when she was taking her back to school so that I could take her into the building and my mom not have to park the Explorer. Before going back to her house, we went to Subway in downtown Wills Point.

Usually I order the “usual”, which is a toasted flat bread sandwich with turkey, Mozzarella cheese slices, mayonnaise, and sometimes lettuce. I wanted Subway, but I didn’t want the usual.

Instead, I ordered the Black Forest Ham footlong (they have $5 footlongs; it’s a better deal!) – toasted – on Honey Oat bread, with mayonnaise, lettuce (not a lot, though), and Mozzarella cheese slices, then I bought a bottled water (needed one for school, anyway).

When we got back to her house, we ate. It was delicious! I feel like I have been missing it! I mean, it’s just … It’s REALLY good! And I still have the other half that I can heat up for dinner!

Have you ever tried something new that you couldn’t believe you’d never tried before, but have had the chance almost your entire life?

The weather is supposed to get bad again tomorrow. I’m really hoping that, if it’s going to get bad, it will do so either before I have to go to Speech or after I get home. It’s supposed to start getting bad at noon, and Speech is my last class (10:50 to 12:05pm). I might just have to miss speech simply because I don’t want to chance anything. >.> Even though I have a speech tomorrow. I’d rather miss a day from Speech – and have to make up that speech – than have to drive home on icky roads. I hate driving, especially on the highway. People already don’t use their blinkers as it is! D:

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