Today feels like Saturday.

I woke up early this morning. I’m exhausted. Charan and I went to the courthouse downtown to collect two copies of my birth certificate – the short version (because hey, that’s all they have available there) – so my dad can put me on his insurance since my long version birth certificate is still at Mimi’s/somewhere in her possession.

I’m hungry, but I don’t know what sounds good. I’d love to go straight to bed but if I go now (it’s eleven) I’ll wake up later and won’t be able to fall back asleep. I tried sleeping in just a little more, but it’s difficult to do so without risking sleeping in too late when you first wake up one minute before your phone alarm is supposed to go off, and it doesn’t. After not being able to pass back out into a nice, deep slumber for more than one freaking minute, I finally set my stupid Smart Alarm (that I love and don’t want to lose/break/etc. yet still find SO annoying at the same time!).

If you have seen my comments with a new @website.ext ending it’s because I’d rather people contact me that way rather than the email I commented with in the past since no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep away spam. It’s really frustrating, actually, and I made the account earlier this week. It’s nice; I like it so far. It, too, has a clean dashboard similar to AOL’s Project Phoenix.

The deal with 6birds has finally been figured out. My sites weren’t hacked-hacked; make sure you have the latest version of all of your scripts to avoid your website being hacked. It turns out that, according to an email, it was another website with an outdated script (or more than one).

I also went to church tonight instead of on Sunday. It was kind of/sort of slightly different. Maybe it just had a different feeling. On the way there there was a USA flag at half mast at a car dealership, and the next thing I know there are about three wrecks in a row, all along the same freeway. Maybe it was foreshadowing? Either way, the wrecks just kept happening. They looked really bad. 🙁

I might disable comments again later on for personal reasons – but reasons similar to the ones related to why I temporarily closed comments on 6birds last year. Kind of. Almost.

P.S. I’m still a hoarder.

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I have felt like it was Sunday everyday this week starting with Thursday. Weird, eh?

Its really sad to see the flags at half=mast 🙁 I feel like theyve stayed that way more often than not lately. Ive also seen a lot of wrecks on the interstates (here and on my way to GA). Bless the people involved!