Todd’s gone.

I do not know where he is, and that worries me:

  • What if he got ran over?
  • What if a bigger animal ate him?
  • What if he is lost?

Ugh. He did not come over to my mom’s house this time like he did a few days ago, and I am just worried. So worried that I cannot do anything right now without worrying even more about him! I do not care about anything else at the moment, yet I do. I guess I just want my baby back. I want to know where he is. 🙁 Mimi let him outside. I was reluctant to, but she did. I should have told her before.

Hours ago I was just fine – I was for sure that he had came over here to my mom’s house like he did last time! He’s spayed, so he is not going to get any cat pregnant, which means he will not be wherever a cat in heat is. Another thing worrying me at the moment is the fact that he could be anywhere other than these 55 acres – at a neighbor’s, down the street, etc.

I am hoping he will home tonight. Or at least come home to my mom’s house. I just want to know where he is, and it is breaking my heart that I do not know.

I mean, I know he is outside.

I just do not know where.

And when he is let outside, I am usually aware of where he every now and then, because he comes back. D:

What if my baby does not come back?!

Usually when he’s called, he comes back.

I need to sleep with my baby tonight. <3

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Don’t worry – my cat’s disappeared many times, and she always manages to come back! Todd’s probably following a mouse or something, haha.


And did you get my reply to your email? I’m asking because my email address isn’t working 50% of the time 😛

@Owen, Yep, I got it! 🙂 He came home, thankfully.<3

I really hope he comes back. I’m sure he will. Once James lost his dog and eventually she was found. I hope Todd’s in your land. I know you worry about him. Don’t blame yourself. hugs Hopefully he will come back, safe and sound.

That doesn’t seem like too long ago, but then again February went by really fast. It sucks they didn’t reply to your tickets. Sometimes they close after 40 hours automatically; that happened with me and Holdfire.

Ahh Master Resellers. I think that someone said NLH had such cheap hosting that it was too good to be true. I’ve been through a lot of cheap resellers and wasted my money, I figured I’d pay more for better service, and from someone I really trust.

I hope he comes back! Cats usually return home themselves, right? I’ve never had a cat but that is what people with outdoor cats tell me.

From my experience cats are generally very good about coming back home. Does he wear a collar that has an address or something in case he is found?

I’m sure he will come back! My cat ran outside a few times and she used to be a stray so I was worried that she wouldn’t come back but she always did. One time she brought a chipmunk back. The other time she brought a bird back. Hopefully he doesn’t bring you a present lol.