She’s one of a kind.

Blog now, or blog later? I’m going to the birthday party later. We just got back from shopping and took Toto for a ride. Toto is my 1994 GMC Jimmy 2-door. S/he’s red, unisex (basically whatever I feel like calling her at the time, so don’t get confused when I call it a she, then a him, and then a she again). He’s my baby[1. See? Just switched the gender, hence unisex.], and she’s a guy magnet. People have actually asked me if I was selling my truck, or worse – if I’d call them when I’m selling it. Some car zealot from my ex workplace when I worked there asked me if I was selling it. When I said no, he offered $6000. -.-

I should probably mention that it’s been customized – seats are from a Typhoon, bumper different, something about the tires and something else… It’s a guy magnet. Clearly that’s all I really care about it. And that it has good gas mileage. Grandmama is worried I’ll get going and (even though it’s near the full mark) I’ll just…run out of gas. I tried explaining it lasted me about 2 weeks whenever I first got it, but blah. See, I don’t drive it much, either. It’s fine, completely fine… Blah. (Yes, I know she’s just trying to be caring. Don’t bring it up…)

She ended up driving it back because 1) I can’t back out of parking spots, especially in the city[2. Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that this is a ‘handicap’ for me, blah, blah, blah.], because of my anxiety being so bad and 2) we stood and walked around and it was hot on the way there and I drive sitting up straight – basically my side is killing me right about now. >.< …also, she offered, so, I said it was up to her.

Ugh, I feel sick. 🙁

I’m going to wear clothes that are “versatile”, I suppose, in case I end up going swimming. We’ll see. I’m charging my camera, though. I should also probably go ahead and go eat something right now so that I have something in me since the party is at 4. A lot of people I don’t know are on the invite list, so a lot of people will probably be in the pool. I don’t know, we’ll see. If I end up eating in my room, I’ll eat whilst returning comments. ^^

OH. AND I NEED TO STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR. Blah. But it’s hot out already, might be swimming… Meh, it’ll be fine…

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$6000 for your Jimmy. I would have LEAPED at that opportunity. I wish I would have gotten that much for my Impala. 😉

Yeah, but I had just gotten it late October of last year. Also, I needed and had been searching for a car for a while — and so had my dad — and my stepmom’s mom was selling it and sold it to my dad for me for less than the $2000 she was selling it for.

…plus I’m attached. And as of then and right now, I didn’t want anyone else to have it, and I still don’t want anyone else to have it.


I’m not sure what a Z-pack is, and I’m not sure what medication they gave me either so I don’t know haha. It’s a good job most doctors are trustworthy ’cause I had no idea what they were giving me really.

That sucks that you were ill on Christmas Eve and the manager sounds terrible. I suppose work’s mainly bothered with getting everything done on time, so they don’t stop to sympathise with people who are ill. Sucks though.

The truck sounds cool, I can’t imagine any vehicle being a ‘guy magnet’ in my area, I think people would just want to steal it if it was really nice, which probably makes where I live sound bad, haha. It isn’t really.

I can’t believe he offered that amount of money, it must be nice haha. I’d hang onto it for the guy magnet status though, sounds like fun.

I’m learning to drive at the moment and we haven’t done parking or reversing yet. I think I’d be scared on either, I nearly crashed into the roadside barriers whilst going forwards. I can imagine in a truck it’s even harder, at least she was there to help you.

Hope you have a nice time at the party!

Z-packs are given for various things, but they work like a charm. 😛 I was given one for my strep throat/flu thing I had. ^^ I don’t really think of doctors as trustworthy… Maybe it’s just in the UK?

Yeah, I refer to my car as a she and her name is Ruby. 😉

$6000 for your car? Wow, that’s nice! When I traded in my old car for my new car I got $4000 for it and it was a 2001 model lol.

I have a little sister named Ruby. 😛 Had a calf named Ruby as well. 🙂

Yeah, I’d just gotten Toto. She’s still kind of new to me… :p

To me, all plants are “it”s because they have both male and female parts, and so are all nouns that aren’t living. In English, that’s how we refer to them. However, in French (and I think all other romance languages), all objects have a gender in the language and are referred to as “she” and “he”. Cars are female. Boats are male. Some references to objects having genders might come from French, when William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066. But since boats are often female, there might be some other tradition that gives them a gender.

Driving in the countryside is so much easier than driving in a city! There are far fewer things to watch out for. You remind me that I need to go get my driver’s licence… sometime…

It upsets me that I don’t know how to drive but in reality I know that I just can’t afford it /meh
One day though, your truck sounds like something special. Post a picture up soon?
Hope you have fun at the party x

Thanks for your comment /worry It’s a lot quieter in the cage right now. I think they know their rank by now. ^.^

But I never heard a person calling his or her car a unisex, lol. I don’t have my license yet, but I understand it’s hard to find any parking spaces&parking xD I don’t want to try it…

I don’t blame you for not wanting to sell Toto especially with her being a guy magnet. Completely understandable.
That guy who just casually offered you 6000 bucks… just lol. Sounds like a nice truck from what you described. 🙂 for some reason it’s always the older cars that people have emotional attachments to.
I get paranoid in parking lots in general but not to the point where I can’t get out of a spot 😛 I just move at snails pace.
Have fun at the birthday party! I often have the dilemma of deciding whether or not to straighten my hair if there’s a possibility of swimming. Cause I always end up in the pool having already straightened. Meh.

Ha ha, it’s cute how you consider it to be unisex – it sounds like a great looking car though.

Unfortunately I cannot drive due to my terrible eye sight, but if I ever had to in my life, I’d probably have the same frustrations of reversing out of parking spaces.

Hope you had fun at the party 😀

Thanks for your opinion and advice on my little Etsy shop dilemma. It’s still a bit fuzzy, but I’m still in the process of figuring it out. ^.^

Usually, the people that I know that refer to their car as “he” or “she” also give their car gender-specific names. It’s cool that you consider your car to be unisex. 😀

I can’t drive yet (sadly, I don’t even have my permit, and I have this fear of getting behind the wheel because something may go horribly wrong x.x ), but my sister recently got her license and she’s getting one of my dad’s old cars. She’s gonna be commuting to school soon, so she’s freaking out about both finding parking spaces and parking.

I hope you have/had fun at that birthday party. 🙂

I’m always confused as to why boats/ships are always female and have never heard of cars having genders. You make your car so interesting! My parents’ cars have always been my babies; I was so pissed when my dad sold our old car when we moved from the city to the suburbs. That probably made no sense.

I’m a terrible driver, but backing out of parking spots is actually quite easy for me. Perhaps you’re not used to all the cars in the city? I hate it when I drive in the city. All those morons wanting to cut you off. One good thing about the suburbs right there.