Since the beginning of the year I’ve went to and fro allergy appointments almost daily. I suppose I should be used to going to get allergy shots now twice a week, with therapy added onto the schedule one day a week. It’s just so annoying, though.

For example, I didn’t sleep last night. My sleeping schedule has been off, and I’ve been sleeping most of the day lately, if not all of it. In a way, it’s really nice because then I can just throw all my worries away. However, knowing I’ve wasted an entire day and will most likely waste the next one isn’t all that fun. Part of my reason for staying up is that I’m not too tired, and then when I am tired, it’s just an hour or two away from morning time. But then, I get tired again, so I just pass out for yet another day. My goal is to usually stay up all day and night if I can so that I can pass back out the next day anywhere from six to nine at night. Unfortunately, this causes me to wake around four or five in the morning, or six rarely, and I’ll pass back out an hour earlier than the previous night’s. It’s a constant loop that only ends if I force myself to stay awake. …that’s a constant loop as well.

So here I am, awake. I’m dressed, I straightened my hair last night after I blow-dried it about an hour or so after my shower. Of course I’m tired, and of course I’d like to sleep. But I can’t, because I have an allergy shot appointment and a therapy appointment. Sometimes I dread one more than the other, sometimes I dread both, and only rarely do I not dread either.

Waiting, talking, needles. To some, upon hearing how I’ve had about 120 and counting shot appointments and over 150 shots this year already, it’s assumed that I should be used to it. Sure, I’m used to the shots, the waiting, the signing in, etc., but that doesn’t mean that I’m used to being bored and waiting. It gets boring.

And although I’m thankful for therapy, I don’t always feel like going. Sometimes I wish I’d get the flu or something to prevent me from going to either appointment so I could skip it. I also don’t really want to get sick, though, because that’s annoying, too.

Tuesdays is double the appointments: two shots and one therapy session. I don’t always not look forward to it, but today I am. Ugh.

I also need to do laundry today, especially my sheets. Or at least tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. I think I’ll sleep when I return home… 😡

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Have you tried taking melatonin once in a while? It’s helped a couple people I know with their sleep problems. It’s literally just a human hormone, so I don’t think that you’d be allergic to it. (Check with the pharmacist, though!)

Ah. I have. 😡 A side effect to taking it is nightmares. “Doesn’t happen often” is what the label said two years ago. I felt like I was in a horror movie every night I took it as one of the victims. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

I hope you manage to get your sleeping pattern sorted out. It must be hard not being able to get into an ordinary pattern, especially for appointments.

Appointments for anything are always a pain. I always dread going to the doctors just for check-ups, I just feel like I spend my day worrying about it.

Hope therapy is going well for you!