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I love Chrome for various reasons. It’s comfy. I’ve used it since it came out. I really hated Netscape and Mozilla Firefox. Safari was/is okay. I don’t have it on this laptop, though. Instead, I have Opera. I may, in the future, install Safari, but only because some websites I need access to require the use of Internet Explorer – and Safari passes their stupid IE check. However, there are some extensions I use to really help me with my overall Internet surfing experience, and I figured I’d share them with you. 🙂

  • AdBlock – No more annoying ads! Those “Promoted” tweets on Twitter don’t even show up for me! I guess this doesn’t help to share considering I’m going to have one ad on my sidebar soon, but still. I figured I’d share it. ._.
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery – I got really tired of Chrome crashing and losing what I’d typed. Or, if my mouse spazzed out on me, that ticked me off as well. Thus, someone mentioned this nifty little extension on a forum-based RPG I was once a part of. It’s very nice. 😉
  • Missing E – This is for Tumblr… It lets me have lovely features on Tumblr – including the ability to allow people to answer posts that aren’t questions and reblogging my own posts. :p It feels good to be spoiled. ;] (However, I think Tumblr hates this Missing E thing. I’ve not yet had any issues with it, so… To each their own.)
  • Page Snooze – If you come across a page you want to view later, just snooze it.
  • PanicButton – Hurry! Close your tabs! But if you don’t want to close your entire browser, just hit the PanicButton! This one’s mostly for just-in-case purposes. For anything, really. It’s quite handy.
  • Screen Capture (by Google) – They’ve changed this a lot; after capturing a screenshot, I can no longer easily edit it by adding a blur to it, or some other feature of theirs. However, it captures the whole page of something without me having to CTRL + – it, which is nice.
  • Stylish – Tumblr’s blue layout is very boring. I also like to have mine say “tumblah” because I like it to feel cozy.
  • TweetDeck – I connect to my Twitter and Facebook profiles from this at once. It’s really easy and convenient for me when I’m in a rush. Lately I haven’t used it, though, since I’ve been on Twitter less. I go through tweet phases. :p
  • Web Timer – This one is really just for fun… I like to see what sites I spend the most time on. It’s a great way to track statistics on your Internet usage. For example, I spend an average of 8.7% of my time online on Twitter.

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I love Chrome. Great list of extensions. I actually don’t use any extensions because I’m far too lazy but I really should install a few basic ones.

I am all about AdBlock. I get upset when I use a browser on another computer that doesn’t have it!

Entered the contest! My fav holiday movie will have to be Unaccompanied Minors, I can watch that movie over and over again.
I’ve abandoned Chrome, I just love the way firefox looks on my mac and I just adore it. Chrome started getting on my nerves after a while so I switched. I still use it though.

I agree with you, I think we’re now starting to see these horrible things happen and it’s like an eye opener. It makes you think of the future really.
Thank you! So far this year has been a blessing and I hope it stays like that. I hope all is well for you also.

I’ve wanted to install Adblock ever since I heard about it but I didn’t because I am lazy~ Thanks to you, I just did hahaha~
I like Chrome…it’s simple~

Happy New Year to you too~

I just recently made the browser change to chrome. These might help! lol

Just installed AdBlock. I think will be very, very useful.

I should also try TweetDeck since I use both Twitter and Facebook. Haha I go through Tweet phases too, totally get ya. 😛

Thanks for sharing Liz!!!

Liza* oops, typo 😛

Liz is okay. 😉

Aww I like Firefox, but I use Chrome equally! I think I am just used to firefox. I don’t like Safari though. Don’t like Apple stuff cept iPod touch. My giant iPad is supposed to replace it but its just not the same.

I don’t even use Firefox extensions. Maybe I’ll look into your list for Chrome!

Some of the extensions for Chrome are also in the Firefox library. :p

Oh my god. The panic button… XD Hahaha. That’s hilarious.
I have installed an application in my Windows that lets me have up to 4 separate desktop windows, so I’ll just make sure to have something that looks presentable up in one of my other windows in case someone comes, and then flip my screen! XD

If you are ever looking for a program that can take screencaps and automatically upload for you, Gyazo is pretty awesome. You can’t edit the images or anything, but at least it’s already uploaded when you want to show people something that’s happening on your screen.

My boyfriend has been trying to get me onto Chrome for a while now! He probably uses most of these, haha.

I’m still stuck with Firefox which is annoying at the times.. perhaps I will change to Chrome soon.

PS. Thank-you so much for your message on my post, I really appreciated it.

Some of these almost make me want to try Chrome…almost. I really dislike the fact that they do not allow you to turn off URL/address bar suggestions – at least, that’s how it was when I last tried it. I just get personally annoyed when I am trying to type in a site address that I know, and five to ten suggestions are popping up with each added letter that I type. Some reviews I’ve read online point out how this is part of Google’s “we know what you want better than you do” attitude.

I think there’s a way to turn off the suggestions. :p I’m lazy, though, so I have mine on. I could be wrong, though.

@Robin, Just in case you wanted to turn it off, I thought I’d let you know that you definitely can. It’s under settings/advanced settings and there’s a little checkbox right there. You should definitely give it a try if that’s the only thing that annoyed you. 🙂