Wearing Thin

Yesterday evening I fed Mia, Doc, Ruby and our three miniature donkeys hay. Mimi has not been feeling well lately. Tommy is over, visiting with her and whatnot. Mia and Doc are horses, by the way, and Ruby is a bottle fed cow that is not growing any taller (bottle fed calves’ growth is usually stunted) and thinks she is a dog.

The funniest thing happened last week:

We once had an incident with goats (got rid of last year), however; instead of biting, chewing and picking apart Ruby’s ear and (it makes me sick to think about, was such a sad sight, so just know that the dogs really wanted to eat these goats) whatnot, Annie was sucking on and licking it through the fence (the dogs are in their pin, and Ruby is in the pasture). In other words, Annie was cleaning Ruby. Ruby, on the other hand, was not cleaning Annie right back.

I am guessing this is a result of bottle feeding her. Ruby was given to us, and instead of acting like a cow does, Ruby acts more like a dog: She follows you, plays tag, and she loves attention. She does have her moments of laziness, though, and when she grazes and lays down and chews on her own cow spit, she shows her cow-ish side.

What was she doing? I honestly wish I had had a camera, but since I didn’t, I’ll simply ask this: Have you ever seen a calf sucking on a dog’s back? When she realized (after about two or three minutes) that nothing was happening, she decided to try elsewhere. What about a calf sucking on a dog’s stomach?

Although it was quite hilarious, it took me by surprise, and I was freaked out when I first saw them doing this! I mean, if you had seen what had happened to the goats, I am sure you would have been scared/angry/etc., too.

Moving on, today has been a rainy day. I straightened my hair, but I think that it was merely a waste of my time and the electricity (therefore making it a waste of money as well!).

State Troopers were out yesterday. By out, I mean that they were hunting – for speeders, etc. Basically, they were working hard to make their quota for the month. I almost exited the highway and got onto a back road to go home, too. I kind of wish I did, but I kept doing, ignoring the little voice in my head telling me to exit the highway. >.> I saw them out yesterday morning; I should have known!

I stay in the right lane (except for yesterday morning when someone was driving 50 mph in a 65/70 mph speed zone and I had to pass someone), and the first state trooper I saw was parked on the left side of the highway. I continued driving forward, hardly paying attention to him, watching my speed closely and minding my own business. Then he pulled onto the highway and put on his lights and siren and switched lanes. I bit through my lip out of fear and was working on pulling over. Half way onto the shoulder, he passes me, and this rapid, cool wave of relief hits me. He turned off his lights and siren, and continued driving at an even pace with the others that were on the highway. He didn’t want me. Thank God. As soon as he passed another state trooper about two to four miles away from where he had parked, he turned on his siren and lights again and finally pulled someone over. Although I do feel sorry for the person that was pulled over, I do see why. It was out of stupidity. If you see a state trooper/cop/USPS vehicle, follow all of the driving rules. If you do not, they can and will pull you over. Yes, this includes using your freaking blinkers!!!

4 [school] days until Spring Break!

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Hi Liz
Came over to thank you for your comment on my site.
So thanks.

Love your about me…

“Funny. Nineteen. Helpful. Caring. Texan. News. Mathematics. Friendly. Crazy. Weird. Blogger….”

I should do something similar on my about me.

BTW – you don’t look crazy to me. LOL

I guess that animals can be as messed up as humans sometimes… didn’t know that. I thought only humans could be completely screwed up and unnatural.

We always wear thing when our breaks are approaching. That’s what breaks are for. I hope you enjoy your last few days of school before break!

I agree, the ‘rob’ guy I speak of could never “just have fun” due to the distance between us, 2 hours. Guys are confusing and should go jump off cliffs.

@Ashley, Not all of them are confusing. Most of them merely have not grown up yet. :] There’s hope. Perhaps he just is not the one for you.

You seem like a paranoid driver Liz. Lol. I don’t totally understand why the calf is beeing bottle fed. The only animal i have ever haf to feed to our pot belly pig,ironically her name was ruby(had a ruby shape of white hair between her eyes) that pig it quite old now, im surprised she is. Shes years passed her life expectancy(sp) hope Mimi feels better, make sure she gets plenty of sleep. 🙂