Website turnoffs

There are many things people do to their websites I dislike, but these are what just downright annoy me. I may hesitate to press the X, but it’s highly unlikely.

  • Cursing is a huge turn off for me. Sure, I can handle a few words here and there, but when it’s a curse word in every BEEPING sentence BEEP or every other BEEPING word, it gets annoying.[1. BEEP and BEEPING are there to emphasize. They do not fill in for any word; they are there for an example.]
  • If you have music that starts playing automatically, then goodbye. I’m out.
  • Complaining about school, parents, work or your health constantly is annoying. You do have other things to talk/write about, right?
  • Blogs about death, being ill and anything requiring me to have sympathy are quite difficult for me to read. If you blog about them quite frequently and it’s paired with any of these other bullet points, I most likely cannot produce sympathy for you. I’m not being rude; I just don’t work that way. I’m sorry?
  • No right clicking and/or no highlighting is really lame. Okay? You cannot stop anyone from taking an image, a piece of code, etc. Have you ever heard of View Source? You don’t need to right click for that. Whenever you have either/both of those scripts, you’re just wasting disk space that you could be using for something else because it doesn’t do you any good, and you might as well just not use them at all.
  • Personal/private happenings of mature content. Enough said.
  • Oh, you went to a club last night and stayed out later than usual because you were drunk? Good for you. You also woke up next to some random dude in said random dude’s bed? Good for you.[2. Please note that I used to know a blogger who did this every weekend. She doesn’t blog anymore, but this is just me trying to make a point.]
  • You did something for the millionth time, and then you blogged about it – for the millionth time.

Do ya get my point? This is to no one in particular, and I do not mean to sound/be offensive!

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Comments on this post

I also can’t stand the random music and I don’t enjoy reading blogs that are always a downer either.


I agree with you on most, if not all, of the things that bother you. I actually don’t mind site where someone is talking about a long-term illness, but I’m also a lot older and long-term illnesses get a bit more sympathy from me:~) It falls under the category, “There but for the grace of God go I..”

I so agree with you about the highlighting…that drives me bonkers. I can’t read the post. I also struggle the popup links, that you have to close….they take my concentration way from what’s on the blog.

What I LIKE are blogs with a lot of white space (not too much clutter, especially in the post area). I’m old style and like real paragraphs, rather than a huge blocks of text that immediately makes my eyes say, “OMG…I can’t read this.” I also enjoy people who change-up their site (like you). It makes it fun to visit because it’s different. I’m not a good enough “techie” to be able to do this at my site. I even forget to change my widgets….hmmm…I might need to do after visits:~)

Well more than enough said. I hope everything is well with you. I keep doing the rain dance with the hope it will come sooner than later.

Haha! I can’t read big paragraphs, either! I’d rather read a paperback novel — not one online! 😛

I hope I don’t tire this theme for a while; I’m really proud of it. 😉

You probably hate my blog then, haha. I totally swear. And am totally repetitive.

What doooo you like then?

Haha, your blog is actually pretty funny. 😛 You blog about things in a humorous manner.

I completely agree with everything you said! Cursing makes me so uncomfortable. I personally never swear unless it is 100% necessary… and that’s a rare occasion. Automatic music = tacky. Ew. Get out of here. You don’t even go here!

I find it difficult to provide sympathy to a person whom I’ve never commented with before, but if I know them well and we’re pretty close, it’s fine.

I so agree with #1! I’ve never seen a blog post like that before but I imagine it would annoy me. I don’t like to curse if I can help it. #2 is a good point too especially since I hate most of the music I hear playing automatically on some blogs. If you really need to put music put it on a page or something!

I hope I don’t end like blogging about the boring topics you mentioned. I miss my more interesting blogs these days I only seem to have time for life updates. =( I’ll try to work my way better though.

I also hate it when people include TMI information on their blogs. I’m not going to list them here but you should know what I mean anyway.

Haha go ahead I love to be the source of inspiration! Was it only one time it was great though.

I would get a dorm but they’ re so horrible. The rooms were designed for 2 people, 2 dressers 2 desks 2 ethernet cable plugs. But now they changed 1 of the 2 beds to a bunk bed so it can accomodate 3 people. With 2 of the other things still. Sharing!!!!! is not caring when it comes to this.