We’re all mad in our own ways.

When someone does something to anger you, do you stay mad at them, or do you forgive and forget right off the bat?

I don’t always forgive them right away; I think I have a little anger toward them afterward. Or, perhaps I do forgive them, but I still stay a little mad at them. Sometimes I will stay quiet for a while, sometimes I will leave them alone, sometimes I will ignore them – whatever it takes for me to not burst into a billion flames that lust for dry grass to walk around on.

Other times, I blog. I am not mad right now – this topic just came to my mind from Natasha Bedingfield’s song.

Some people forgive and forget quickly – no matter the reason for their anger – and that does not make sense to me. If something they did made you mad, should you not tell them? It is not healthy to keep feelings bottled up, especially if they made you mad enough to bake up a storm of cookies.

I think the person should be confronted, and a compromise of some sort to prevent such thing from angering the other again should be made.

Then there are the people that sit in denial and do not listen to a word you say because they think and truly believe in their hearts that they were right. That is when you do not receive an apology.

Ring, ring. “Hello, Fight! How may you me and [insert person here] today?” [pause] “Oh, by making us say even more hurtful things to each other?! OKAY!”

How do you handle your anger? Do you let yourself become violent, or do you walk away before you do anything you know you will regret later?

I do not hold grudges, but I do tend to stay mad at people before apologizing. I have not been extremely angry lately, but I do feel a nudge of hurt from time to time.

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I usually stay a little pissed for a while and then let it go. Holding grudges isn’t good for you at all. It is pretty difficult to make me angry unless I’m stressed. But once I’m stressed, I blow up pretty easily. But I prefer to resolve things quickly, otherwise they bother me too much.

I actually don’t get mad very often. I tend to get hurt or upset but it’s in my nature to try and find ways to resolve things as quickly as possible usually through communication or if that’s not possible, leaving and then coming back when the situation has cooled down.

I do forgive quickly.

Everyone is different 😛 Like you said, were all mad in our own ways D:! You can at least dont hold grudges :P! It is good to not be angry. Its a less stress feeling :D! I in the other hand.. It all depends on the situation. I mean, Im like crazy or something. I usually hold a grudge on simple little things like someone that Im really really close with takes advantage of me. And I forgive and forget over harder things. Like my friend broke my camera. Which I didn`t even care. Even though that camera is 475 dollars. I guess its because money is replaceable in some ways and its just money. I try to not let money interfere in my social life :P!

But as we go along, we learn more and more and sometimes, we learn to be more “cool” with situations :P!


I don’t usually walk away, but there are times when I should have. I like to resolve anger as soon as possible. I definitely do NOT like to hold it in.

That being said, I have learned the hard way that sometimes waiting a day or two or three before confronting the person I’m angry is a GOOD idea:~)

If I can’t deal the person I’m angry directly for whatever reason, I will write them a letter and say all the things I need to say. The catch is: I DON’T SEND IT to the person. I use the letter to get it all out, which releases my feelings of anger.

Thanks for this post:~)

How did I manage to do that?